Walk Around Peter Kiewit Institute

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This Gallery portrays a counterclockwise walk around the Peter Kiewit Institute (PKI) starting (upper Left) on the top of hill across 67th street, east of PKI, around the Water Sculpture on the backside (Westside) of PKI, and ending at the front door of PKI. Photos were taken between Oct 16 & Nov. 05, 2005.

PKI_OutSide_001 PKI_OutSide_002 PKI_OutSide_003 PKI_OutSide_004 PKI_OutSide_005 PKI_OutSide_006
PKI_OutSide_007 PKI_OutSide_008 PKI_OutSide_009 PKI_OutSide_010 PKI_OutSide_011 PKI_OutSide_012
PKI_OutSide_013 PKI_OutSide_014 PKI_OutSide_015 PKI_OutSide_016 PKI_OutSide_017 PKI_OutSide_018
PKI_OutSide_019 PKI_OutSide_020 PKI_OutSide_021 PKI_OutSide_022 PKI_OutSide_023 PKI_OutSide_024
PKI_OutSide_025 PKI_OutSide_026 PKI_OutSide_027 PKI_OutSide_028 PKI_OutSide_029 PKI_OutSide_030
PKI_OutSide_031 PKI_OutSide_032 PKI_OutSide_033 PKI_OutSide_034 PKI_OutSide_035 PKI_OutSide_036
PKI_OutSide_037 PKI_OutSide_038 PKI_OutSide_039 PKI_OutSide_040    

Walk Around Peter Kiewit Institute

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