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Day 5, July 20 Columbia River Gorge

Monday July 20th, 09 - Today, After visiting the Depot Rail Museum in Troutdale, Mike Bruening and I
  took the Historic Columbia River Highway east to Cascade Locks with stops at two Columbia
  River Gorge overlooks, Vista House, hikes to six breathtaking waterfalls , and a mountain road
  side  trip to view five pikes form Sherrard Viewpoint. The day ends at the Bridge of the Gods.

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Troutdale Columbia River Gorge & Mountain Views
Depot Rail Museum Portland Women's Forum Viewpoint Larch Mountain Road to Sherrard Viewpoint Sherrard Viewpoint - Mt Hood Vista house
Depot Rail Museum
15 photos
Portland Women's
 Forum Viewpoint
10 photos
Larch Mountain Road
 to Sherrard Viewpoint
25 photos
Vista House
Comfort House
24 photos
Waterfalls & more on the Historic Columbia River Highway
Bottom of Latourell Falls Bowtie of Shepperds Dell Falls Hiden Bridal Veil Falls Upper Wahkeena Falls Log Benson Bridge Over Multnomah Falls
Latourell Falls
11 photos
Shepperds Dell Falls
10 photos
Bridal Veil Falls
11 photos
Wahkeena Falls
13 photos
Multnomah Falls ..
35 photos
Upper Multnomah Falls from Benson Bridge Inside the Oneonta Tunnel Hosretail Falls "Pond" Bridge of the Gods - Cascade Locks,Oregon Cascade Locks Marine Park
from Benson Bridge Restored Tunnel
5 photos
Horsetail Falls
6 photos
Bridge of the Gods
13 photos
Cascade Locks Park
10 photos

Troutdale (east of Portland)  
Before crossing the Historical Sandy River Bridge to the being of Historic Columbia River Highway, We
drive thru downtown and visited the all-America landmark, The Rail Depot Museum, (Old UP train station).

I-84 East, Mont Hood & Downtown

P7201239 P7201242 P7201243 P7201244 P7201247
Mont Hood from Eastbound I-84 Downtown  Town's History

The Rail Depot Museum - a Hampton All-American Landmark

P7201245 P7201246 P7201257 P7201260 P7201248
A Hampton Hotel landmark - Sign Info The Waiting Room Inside the ...
P7201249 P7201250 P7201254 P7201264 P7201251
.... Ticket Counter The Station Master Desk Area ...
P7201255 P7201261 P7201253 P7201252 P7201266
... up close    ... Org. fight area
& Historical Society
 Office - Org Ceiling
Must thumbnail are displayed out of order for better presentation steps  to the ...

The Historic Columbia River Highway Columbia River Highway PDF Map
 We followed The Historic Columbia River Highway east toward, Cascade Locks
 with stops at two Columbia River overlooks, Vista House, and six waterfalls
 and side trip on Larch Mountain Road (14.5 Miles) to Sherrard Viewpoint

P7201268 P7201269 P7201270 P7201273 P7201275
Sandy River Bridge Vista House

Portland Women's Forum Viewpoint @ Chanticleer Point - 07 photos

P7201276 P7201277 P7201278_Adj P7201279_Adj P7201282
  Monument to Northwest Explorer
including Lewis & Clark
National Historic
P7201283 P7201287 P7201292 P7201293 P7201299
View of the Columbia River Vista House  

Side Trip: Larch Mountain Road to Sherrard Viewpoint
   After 20 minutes dive up thru the temporal rain forest to a parking lot, hike ¼ mile, up the last fight of
   stairs, boom, we feel like to up in the clouds viewing five nearby pikes. This is not on Alp mountain top,
   but in the northwest United States. a few hours drive from the Pacific Ocean.

P7201303 P7201347 P7201305 P7201307 P7201310
Long Drive... .... to park, Next take a  1/4 mile hike and
P7201311 P7201312 P7201313_Adj P7201314 P7201315
  Mount Hood framed ... up last flight of stair to Sherrard Viewpoint

Cloud View of five Mountain Pikes – Clockwise from the South.
P7201319 P7201321 P7201323 P7201325 P7201328
P7201318 P7201320 P7201322 P7201324 P7201327
Mt. St. Helens Mt. Rainier Mt. Adams Mt Hood Mt Jefferson
 thumbnail are displayed vertical for better presentation

P7201331 P7201335 P7201337_Chopped P7201341 P7201349
360° View Mt Hood Steps form Top Long drive Back

Vista House - Comfort House @ Crown Point* - 07 photos
   This restored (reopen summer 2005) Historic Comfort House has a great view of the Columbia River
   from its wrap around observation decks. The lower level has a gift shop and exhibits on the history of
   the Vista House and Columbia River Highway.

P7201353 P7201352 P7201354
Far left: 
   Crown Point - a registered
   Natural landmark Maker

Mid & left:
  Approaching the Vista house
P7201356 P7201359 P7201360 P7201361 P7201363
 View of the Columbia River Gorge from wrap around road Deck- East to West I-84 Overlook#
P7201365 P7201368 P7201369 P7201371 P7201370
Inside One of four column history panels^ Up to the ...
Steve & Mike

I-84 Overlook#
P7201379 P7201380
River Sweep ... Observation decks - View counter clockwise from East Down
P7201387 P7201390 P7201391 P7201392 P7201396 P7201397
 Lower Lever - displays of the Columbia River Highway  ...  ... and Vista House History.
  Some thumbnail are displayed out of order for better presentation.  Link to *An wikipedia article  #07 photos.

  This afternoon, after viewing the Columbia River Gorge and mountain pikes from above, Mike Bruening &
  I visited six breathtaking falls and one restored tunnel.  Every waterfall is worth the hike to view them.

Latourell Falls - Waterfalls of the Northwest Guide Info - 07 photos
  Unlike my 2007 hike to the top, we hiked to the foot of this waterfall. it gives a whole perspective,.

P7201401 P7201409 P7201411 P7201413_VertPan P7201418 P7201417
Sweep up falls
P7201423 P7201424 P7201428 P7201430
In 2007 I hiked
to top of this fall
from here.
  In Motion Sweep Dn Panorama* viewing bench  
  *A graphic artist photo merges two photos into this vertical Panorama.

Shepperds Dell Falls - Waterfalls of the Northwest Guide Info
  It easy to miss the sign for this falls. Our reward of walking the down this curved hillside
  path is this bowtie shaped falls and view of arch highway bridge from below.

P7201432 P7201435 P7201439 P7201440 P7201442
Dive to fall    Sweep Dn Path to Fall  
P7201444 P7201447 P7201449 P7201452 P7201454
bridge from path The bottom...  ... of the Fall Path back to road "Bowtie"

Bridal Veil Falls - Waterfalls of the Northwest Guide Info
   Viewing this falls was well worth the 3/8 mile long hike down the winding path
   and up the last flight of stairs.

P7201455 P7201456 P7201457 P7201458 P7201462
  I choose falls Trail Trail map & Info  
Up to View
Sweep Dn
P7201466P7201468 P7201469
Sweep Dn
This way out!

Wahkeena Falls  - Waterfalls of the Northwest Guide Info - 07 photos
   We walk 1/4 mile to the bridge over the lower falls.  the log is still from my last visit.

P7201472 P7201477 P7201473 P7201477_II P7201476
  From the Fall  ... Sweep... .. to the Bridge
P7201480 P7201481 P7201482 P7201484 P7201487
P7201491 P7201494 P7201495 Sweep Dn The upper Fall Log

Multnomah Falls  - Waterfalls of the Northwest Guide Info - 07 photos
   After spending time at the Gift Shop and Visitor Center, we walked to the first switchback past the
   Benson Bridge.  Because of my fear of heights, I could not hike the other 10 switchback to the top.
      This 620-foot waterfall is highest in Oregon and second highest year-round waterfall in the United States.

P7201497 P7201496
Left: Multnomah Fall Lodge
   Visitor Center & Gift Shop,
   Restaurant Above

Right: Hiking Loop Trail map
Multnomah falls Area Hike Map
P7201499 P7201501 P7201502 P7201503 P7201504
Visitor Center's Columbia River Gorge displays
Top to Bottom
P7201508 P7201511 P7201516
Falls in Motion
The Multnomah Falls from Below - Benson Bridge span the lower falls
P7201522 P7201524 P7201527 P7201526 P7201531
 Short Hike to the Bridge The Multnomah falls from the Benson Bridge* In motion
P7201534 P7201535 P7201536 P7201538 P7201539
  The falls framed by the bridge railing In motion The Multnomah falls beyond the Bridge
P7201537 P7201543 P7201544 P7201545 P7201546
Hike the Larch Mountain Trail ... ... to the first 0f 11 switchbacks to top
Left to Right
  Upper falls from Mountain trail.
     Viewing Plaza below.
    Bridge from the Mountain trail.
P7201551 P7201552 P7201553
    Back to Benson Bridge & ....
  Some thumbnail are displayed out of order for better presentation. *From Historic Columbia River Highway Site

Oneonta Gorge & Restored Tunnel
   After a short trek into the Oneonta Gorge, we walked through the restored Oneonta Tunnel*.  At one
   time the Historic Columbia River Highway went though Oneonta cliff because a rail line pass next to it.
P7201556 P7201557 P7201560 P7201562 P7201563
  *From Historic Columbia River Highway Site

Horsetail Falls  - Waterfalls of the Northwest Guide Info
   Unlike other Waterfalls we visited, this one fall into large roadside pond.

Sweep Dn
... to Rocks
  Some thumbnail are displayed out of order for better presentation

Cascade Locks  
This is last stop on our trek east through the Columbia River Gorge.
The town is name after a Historic locks on the Columbia River. Bridge of the Gods
   First, we viewed a mural painted on bridge pier on the Oregon side of the river.
   Next we take few steps out and enjoyed the beauty of the bridge and its surround.

P7201583 P7201584 P7201585 P7201586 P7201587
   A Bridge through Time Mural
P7201588 P7201589 P7201590 P7201593 P7201596
P7201597 P7201597_II P7201595 This bridge is built where
 a Native American legend said
a land bridge one stood.
 Tollhouse to Washington statesweep View to East    

Cascade Locks Marine Park
   A few blocks away at the Maritime Park, we viewed the Bridge of the Gods from the bridge over the
   historical locks and read the history of the locks on the Columbia River Island display.  We did not visit
   any historical buildings or museums because they were closed in the evening.

P7201598 P7201600 P7201602 P7201607 P7201611
Bridge of the Gods
From park shore
Columbia Gorge
Looking West form the bridge
over the historic Cascade looks*
P7201608 P7201609 P7201610 P7201612 P7201613_II
A Columbia River Island display on history of the Cascade Locks 360 from East
*Link to an wikipedia article.

P7201615 The day ended with a late evening Dinner at Cascade Locks Café,
near the Columbia Gorge Inn. I have a delicious bacon cheeseburger.

Afterward, we took I-84 east to Portland
and I-205 south to Pat's Home in Gladstone, Oregon.

Portland 2009 Trip - Day 5, July 20 - Day in the Mountains / Columbia River Gorge

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