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Day 4, July 19 - Worship & Gardens+

Sunday July 17th, 09 - After attending Worship service at Good Shepherd Community Church,
  Mike Bruening and I spent the afternoon in Washington Park visiting the Japanese Garden,
  the International Rose Test Garden and the Oregon Holocaust Memorial. The day was wraps
  up with a tour of and late meal in Gladstone. Oregon - See right >
Park in Gladstone, Oregon

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Good Shepherd North Entrance View from The Rose Garden Japanese Garden - flat Garden A International Rose Test Garden - Red Rose Holocaust Memorial - History Way
Good Shepherd
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Japanese Garden
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Holocaust Memorial
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Tour of the
Japanese Garden
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The Flat Garden West of PavilionStrolling Pond GardenThe Kashintei Tea Housemoss in the Natural GardenSand and Stone GardenOne Natural Garden sittingPorltand Japanese Garden Icon

Good Shepherd Community Church - Boring Oregon
  This morning we attended service at Pat Roach’s Church – A church that is similar in size and belief to
  Christ Community in Omaha. Pastor Alan Hlavka, give the sermon Lessons learned Through Trials: Esther.

P7190885 P7190886 P7190887 P7190888 P7190889
P7190890 P7190891 Left / Above:
   Music & Sermon in the
   Worship Center

   Afterward, Mike Bruening visits
   with Pat in the Common Ground
   Coffee Shop.
P7190903 P7190900 P7190898 P7190895 Left to Right:
  Street side flower
  Staff on Sign
  Sign & US Flag
  North Entrance
Patrick Roach and Roberta Kollmorgan were marriage in this church on August 16th, 2007
  Some thumbnail are displayed out of order for better presentation.

Washington Park Washington Park Map
Following church and lunch at Costco. this afternoon Mike Bruening and I visited the Japanese
, International Rose Test Garden and Oregon Holocaust Memorial in Washington Park.

View from The Rose Garden

P7190914 We were rewarded with a fantastic view
of Downtown & Mt Hood from the top of the
Rose Garden, left, after a north dive thru
Washington Park ‘Forest’, right, from US 26.*

*see Leaving Portland on July 17-Day on the Coast
P7190916 P7190918

Portland Japanese Garden Facebook
  Our first stop in Washington Park is the premier Japanese Garden in the United State. I have
  heard, it is the most beautiful and Authentic Japanese Garden in world outside of Japan.
  Porltand Japanese Garden Icon

The Five

The Flat Garden West of Pavilion
Strolling Pond Garden
The Kashintei Tea House
Tea Garden
moss in the Natural Garden
Sand and Stone Garden
Sand & Stone
Japanese Garden Map

We walk the winding path up the from the Antique Gate to the Admission Gate .

Outside gate
My friend Mike
P7190925 Left:
   The winding path

   Admission Gate
   Parking lot sign

   The Antique Gate
From path above
P7190929 P7190931
Garden info
Entrance Plaza

  Flat Garden, Pavilion & Overlook
    We walked counter clockwise around the Pavilion, temporary joining a tour.
    The Flat Garden is on the Westside, while Downtown / Mt Hood Overlook is on eastside.

P7190934 P7190936
The Flat Garden
More of the...
P7190948 P7190949 P7190950
The Flat Garden
P7190957 P7190958
The Overlook
P7190959 P7190962
Mike & Steve
P7190954 P7190965 P7190966
  Pavilion eastside
  Railing detail

Other Deck Picture
North of Pavilion   The  Poetry Stone

  Stroll Garden
    We took a slow walk thru the Wisteria Arbor, passing the Sapporo Pagoda and Heavenly Fall
    & Pond and over the Zig Zag Bridge to the Moon bridge over the strolling Pond Garden. More Info

P7190974 P7190976 P7190978 P7190981 The
Wisteria Arbor
P7190982 P7190990 P7190992 ... The
Sapporo Pagoda

a gift from
Portland Sister city,
Sapporo Japan
Water feature
View the
Heavenly Fall & Pond
from the ...
P7190999 P7191003 P7191009
P7191004 P7191011 P7191012 P7191013 Zig Zag Bridge
lends north to
the Tea Garden
P7191016 P7191017 P7191019 P7191021 P7191024

  Strolling Pond Garden
    After visiting the Tea Garden, We walk over the Moon Bridge and around the Strolling Pond Garden.

P7191037 P7191038 P7191041 P7191042 P7191043  
Strolling Pond Garden

Above Right:
   View from Moon Bridge

view of the Moon Bridge
P7191044 P7191047 P7191064 P7191063
   Some thumbnail are displayed out of order for better presentation.

  Tea Garden & ...
    After crossing the Zig Zag Bridge in the Stroll Garden, we walked thru a covered gate to the outer tea garden.

P7191023 P7191027 P7191030 P7191031 P7191032 P7191033
The Covered Gate of the outer Tea Garden Path to bamboo gate & Tea house  

  Tea House

    We looked at the Tea House, after walking around the Strolling Pond Garden and over the Moon bridge.
    This Tea House, named Kashintei (Flower-Heart Room) is gift from Portland Sister city. Sapporo Japan. More info
P7191048 P7191049 P7191050 P7191053 P7191055
P7191056 P7191057 P7191058 P7191061 P7191062

  Natural Garden to ....
    Next we walk thru this Garden to the Stone Garden. This hillside garden is the newest and most
    contemporary of Gardens. It use plants that no normally use in a Japanese Garden. More Info.

P7191069 P7191071 P7191075 P7191078
 Stone Brock
P7191080 P7191082
P7191083 P7191084
Moss Garden

  Sand and Stone Garden
    This interesting Garden is smallest and driest of the five Gardens.
    It can be view from above from a point on the path south of the Pavilion.

P7191086 P7191087 P7191089 P7191090  
Stone Garden
P7191091 P7191092 P7191093  

  Exit thru Natural Garden
   After visiting the Stone Garden, We spend more time exploring the fascinating Natural Garden.
   Than it was time to head out to the Rose Garden.

P7191095 P7191096
P7191097 P7191100 P7191101
Moss Garden
P7191103 P7191105 P7191107
P7191110 P7191113
P7191116 P7191119 P7191120 P7191121 P7191122
  More of the Moss Garden
P7191123 P7191124  Far Left:
   Just exit the Admission Gate.

   The Antique Gate from the path above.

International Rose Test Garden
   Mike Bruening and my next stop in Washington Park is the rose garden across the street.
   We explored the garden top to bottom, including the Queens Walk and Side Gardens.
Portland International Rose Garden Map - Gold Medal GardenPortland International Rose Garden Map

P7191138_Vert P7191140_Vert P7191142_Cropped
I'm smelling a rose
P7191148 P7191149 P7191150 P7191152 P7191160
P7191157 P7191161_Adj P7191163 P7191165 P7191175
P7191179 P7191181 P7191184 Upper Left: Information Kiosk &
elevated Miniature Rose Beds
near the garden entrance.
Found in 1917, it is one of the 24
AARS Rose Test site in United States

  Frank E Beach Sculpture
    This Sculpture design by Lee Kelly, honors the rose enthusiast, Frank E. Beach,
    who was credited with calling Portland the “City of Roses”.

P7191172 P7191174 P7191178 This Sculpture is
between the Rose
Garden entrance and
Royal Rosaria Garden


  Queens Walk & Lower Garden
    The bronze plagues in the Queens walk, left photo, at the foot of garden are inscribed
    with names of each year Rose Festival Queens. This tradition began in 1907.

P7191185 P7191186 P7191187 P7191190 P7191191

  Side Gardens ... including Royal Rosaria Garden - not pictured here

P7191192 P7191194 P7191194_II P7191195 P7191197
Shakespearian Garden ...  .... Sweep Gold Medal Garden & Gazebo

  Addition View of Portland

P7191200 P7191204

Oregon Holocaust Memorial
  On way south thru Washington Park, Mike Bruening and I visited the Holocaust Memorial.

It is dedicated to Oregon Holocaust Survivors. The walk from the bench to the craved wall is emotional.
The scattered artifacts on the bench and the walk made me feel like I was a Jew that was snapped up by
the Nazi on a moments notice. The saying on the wall reinforced the value of the Jew’s Life – depressing.
I hope man wont do this to follows man again!

P7191206 P7191208
what is left ...
... behind?
P7191211 P7191212 P7191213 P7191214 P7191215
 Holocaust Survivors..
... quotes & feeling
P7191220 P7191221
Holocaust History
Path & Bench

Tour of Gladstone
  This evening, Our host Pat & Roberta Roach, gave us a tour of their town, Gladstone Oregon,
  Just south of Portland Mike Bruening and 1 treat them to meal at Chang’s Mongolian Grill.

P7191225 P7191227  Far Right:
   Looking NE - E Clackamas Blvd view of
   the Clackamas River, upstream from ...

   82nd street Walking bridge to Oregon City

Portland 2009 Trip - Day 4, July 19 - Worship & Washington Park Gardens+

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