Portland Japanese Garden Map

This is a scan of Map from Portland Japanese Garden Brochure  
Map is clickable

July 19, 2009 -This afternoon Mike Bruening and I explore and photographed the Portland Japanese Garden roughly in same order as number on this map from the Garden Brochure.

Flat Garden   Stroll Garden   Tea Garden   Natural Garden   Stone Garden
1 The Pavilion 3 Wisteria Arbor   Outer Garden   Going east to ...  
2 Overlook   Sapporo Pagoda 5
Inner Garden
  & Tea House
  A stroll west out  
10 Flat Garden 7 Heavenly Fall & Pond      
11 The Poetry Stone 6 Zig Zag Bridge          
Strolling Pond Garden
  & Moon Bridge
See the Official Portland Japanese Garden Website for
information on the Five Gardens with interactive map.

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