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Day 3, July 18 Downtown & MAX Line

Saturday  July 18th - Mike Bruening and I spend the afternoon in downtown Portland. We rode the
  Portland Aerial Tram, viewed the Sand in City Sand Sculptures at Pioneer Courthouse Square,
  visited the world's smallest park Mill Ends Park, and took a short walk in Waterfront Park. Before, the
  evening baseball Game at PGE Park, We rode the MAX line to Washington Park & Beaverton TC.

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  Portland Aerial Tram & OHSU    
To South Riverfront - Streetcar at Moody & Gibbs Portland Aerial Tram - To Marquarm Hill OHSU Marquam Hill Campus - Sam Jackson Park Rd walk Portland Aerial Tram Return Ride - to South River Front (Terminal) Streetcar to Cultural District - Sw Gibbs Sign Relief Map - OHSU Campue
To South Waterfront
6 photos
Ride to ...
12 photos
Marquam Hill Campus
13 photos
.. and Return
11 photos
 To Cultural District
12 photos
Downtown Willamette Riverfront
Sand in the City - at Pioneer Courthouse Square Sand in the City - Ice Age meet Wall-E Mills end parl - single Flower Tom McCall Waterfront Park @ Morrison Bridge Battleship Oregon Memorial Marine Park - Main Mast Sand in the City Booklet
Sand in The City
32 photos
Mill Ends Park
4 photos
Waterfront Park
3 photos
Battleship Oregon
6 photos
MAX Line & Washington Park Tri-Met Rose Baseball
Stop @  PGE Park - Behind the Scoreboard Washington Park Undergouend - Westbound Peggy the Train @ Washington park Beaverton TC - Red line meet Blue line Baseball Game @ TGE Park - Bees @ Beavers Tri-Met MAX Line Maps
Stop @ PGE Park
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Underground ...
11 photos
 .. Station Plaza Area
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Beverton TC
6 photos
Bees @ Beavers
22 photos

To South Waterfront- Via Hawthorne bridge & Streetcar
   Late Morning, We went over the Willamette River on the Hawthorne Bridge* to the
  1st & Market parking garage and ride the Portland Streetcar to the South Waterfront*.

P7180594 P7180595 P7180596 P7180598_Cropped P7180598_Vert P7180600
Hawthorne Bridge* Portland Streetcar- 1st & Harrison ... to Moody & Gibbs
   *An wikipedia article link

Portland Aerial Tram & OHSU Portland Aerial Tram Logo Relief Map of
South Waterfront
& Marquam Hill
South Riverfront & Marquam Hill Relief Map
  Mike Bruening and I rode the Aerial Tram to the Kholer Pavilion Terminal
  on OHSU's Marquarm Hill Campus and back. We explore the Hill top campus.

Ride Up - to the Oregon Health & Science University Hospital

Waterfront Terminal
 Tram arriving
Watch for streetcar
P7180607 P7180608
I-5 sweep from
... Marquam Bridge
 To Marquarm Hill
P7180619 P7180620
View Sweep
Mike & Steve
P7180625 P7180627
Ride to ... Kholer Pavilion Terminal

Explore OHSU Marquam Hill Campus
  We walked thru OHSU Hospital, hiked up Sam Jackson Park Rd a few blocks west, back down and around the Hospital to a
  viewing deck on top of the Kholer Pavilion. Than back around and thru the Hospital, passing the Wall of History to the tram.

P7180630 P7180637 P7180638 P7180641_Cropped
Far Left - Doembecher Children Hospital
Far Middle - Hatfield Research Center &
   Biomedical Info Communication Center
Near Middle - Sam Jackson Hall &
   Physicians Pavilion
Left - Shriners statue @
   Shriner's Hospital for Children
Sam Jackson Park Rd walk
South Waterfront
Tram arriving
P7180646 P7180644 P7180652 P7180654 P7180655  
View from Kholer Pavilion roof top Deck Wall of History - Tram level of the OHSU Hospital
P7180660 P7180657
Far Left – View NNE from skywalk connecting
   the Aerial Tram Terminal to OHSU Hospital.
Left Middle – Top of the Kholer Pavilion Terminal
Left – North America’s longest suspended pedestrian
    skybridge* between OHSU Hospital & the VA Medical
    Center.  Doembecher Children Hospital is behind.

*Info from OHSU wikipedia article
  Some thumbnail are displayed out of order for better presentation.

Return Ride - to South Waterfront

Ready to depart
Medial Transport
P7180666 P7180667
Looking back
Downtown Skyline
P7180671 P7180672
South Waterfront
I-5 South
Waterfront Terminal
P7180679 Relief Map of
South Riverfront & Marquam Hill Relief Map
Waterfront &
Marquam Hill

Downtown Area Dwontwont Map
 This afternoon, Mike Bruening and I walked Thru the Cultural District, enjoyed the
 Sand in City Sand Sculptures at Pioneer Courthouse Square, walked along the
 Riverfront visiting the world's smallest park &  the Battleship Oregon memorial

Streetcar to Cultural District
  After riding the Portland Streetcar from the South Waterfront to the Portland Art Museum,
  We walk north thru the Cultural District to sand in city at Pioneer Courthouse Square

P7180680 P7180681 P7180683 P7180684 P7180686 P7180692
From Bond & Gibbs... Streetcar inside
  ... soon to go under the Marquam Bridge - view thru front Oregon Historical Society
P7180689 P7180697 P7180690 P7180694 P7180699 P7180698
Portland Art Museum - Free next day Theodore Roosevelt & Horse Statue Lincoln Bicentennial Statue

Sand in the City - at Pioneer Courthouse Square
   At this block size festival area in the center of downtown Portland, we viewed Sand Sculptures by 15 local corporate teams.
   Unlike the Omaha, NE version, the sculptures are not under a tent but out in the open. Similar to Omaha event, it raised
   money for a local children Organization – Kids on the block, Powerful Puppetry. We spend a hour here.

P7180701 P7180702 P7180703 P7180703 Sand in the City Logo
Map of the "Sand in the City"Sand in the City Booklet
Map from Booklet
Entry & art South Side - SW Yamhill The Logo  
P7180709 P7180711 P7180712 P7180713 P7180714 P7180719
P7180725 P7180726 P7180728 P7180731 P7180732 P7180733
P7180734 P7180735 P7180736 P7180737 P7180738 P7180739
P7180741 P7180742 P7180745 P7180747 P7180748 P7180749
Sand Sculptures by 15 local corporate teams.
P7180751 P7180752 P7180755 P7180756
Visitor Center Over Look - Sweep

Near Center:  Map on Overlook floor
Left: overhead view of sand sculptures

Willamette Riverfront
   After viewing  the Sand in the City Sand Sculptures at Pioneer Courthouse Square, Mike Bruening  
   and I, walked to the riverfront, visited Mill End park, we took a leisurely stroll north along the
   Willamette River in the Tom McCall Waterfront Park to Battleship Oregon Memorial. Mill Ends Park

P7180762 P7180763
The my friend foot
The only flower
P7180765   The World Smallest Park, size of
manhole cover, is located in the
 median of W Naito Pkwy @ Taylor St.

The Waterfront Park is on other
side of the northbound lanes

Tom McCall Waterfront Park
  This park run along the west bank of the Willamette river from the I-5 / Marquam Bridge north to the Steel Bridge
  (MAX rail line). We walked the middle portion of the park from Portland Spirit deck north to Battleship Oregon Memorial.

P7180768 P7180770 P7180771   Left: Hawthorne Bridge  Looking south
    from the  Portland Spirit deck

Middle: The twin peek of the the Oregon Convention
    Center can be seen under the Morrison Bridge

Right: Burnside Bridge is behind the Sternwheeler
   Portland of the Oregon Maritime Center & Museum

Battleship Oregon Memorial Marine Park
  The main mast of the U.S.S. Oregon* in this marine Park is what remains of the battleship
  that serviced in three Major Wars: Spanish-American War, World War I & II.

P7180772 P7180774 P7180775 P7180777 P7180778 P7180779
   *An wikipedia article link

MAX Line & Washington Park Tri-Met Rose
MAX Rail Line Maps
System Map
Front of Tri_Met Ticket
Inside train
  Late afternoon/early evening, Mike Bruening and I rode the Red Line
  Trains from the Riverfront, Oak & 1st, to Beaverton TC and back to the
  PGE Park with a stop at the Washington Park's underground station.

Stop @ PGE Park
  As the train turns south, we saw the stadium and got off. Here, at the player entrance, I got permission to photograph the
  stadium from the outfield. Afterward, I show the photos to lady at the player entrance and received tickets to tonight game.

Behind Scoreboard
stadium Scan
Sky Boxes
P7180787 P7180790
Max Line Station

Washington Park Underground Tri-Met Rose
  Next we stopped at Washington Park, the only underground station on the MAX Line system and the deepest transit station
  in North American at 260 feet. A drilling core sample, Station death to plaza above, is displayed with a geological timeline -
  16 million year ago to present, is displayed horizon on the center wall, half on each side.

P7180798 P7180800 P7180801 P7180802 P7180803 P7180804
The Red Line
Train Traveling
 west in the
Robertson Tunnel
  North tube - West bound platform 260 ft - 16 million yr North Side display
P7180805 P7180806 P7180807 P7180808 P7180809
  Timeline and
age of earth
Washington Park
& Station Map
South Side Display, Sample ended,
right, at plaza Level, Present time
Ride East Elevator
Up - Feet # drops
   All line are wikipedia article.

Washington Park Plaza Tri-Met Rose
  Before continuing our MAX Red Linejourney’ west, we toured the area around the Les AuCoin Plaza or the public plaza
  at the Washington Park underground station’s elevators. We did not visited any of the south Washington Park attractions.

P7180811 P7180813 P7180817 P7180818 P7180819 P7180820
Oregon Zoo Gate Children's Museum Peggy the Train @ the World forestry Center
P7180821 P7180822 P7180823 P7180825
The cab door
reflection of
Mike Bruening
West - Sunset
Elevator tower
My ride arrived
westbound Red Line
Right: Map of area
From Station below
 Map thumbnail are displayed out of order for better presentation.

Beaverton TC - & Return Trip Tri-Met Rose
  We spend a few minute exploring Beaverton Transfer Center, our last stop and the end of the Red Line. We could have taken
  the Blue Line to the west end of MAX Line, but it was time to head beck to Portland for dinner and evening baseball game.

P7180826 P7180827 P7180829 P7180830 P7180832 From Downtown Map - Turn toward TGE ParkP7180833
 West To Hillsboro Beaverton TC  has connections to Bus routes & WES Sunset TC Turn toward TGE Park

Baseball @ PGE Park Bees @ Beavers Baseball Ticket
After our trek west on the Tri-Med Red Line and late dinner at Panda Express,
Mike Bruening and I attended the Portland Beaver Vs Salt Lake Bees Game.
We received our tickets to the game earlier on our photography visit to PGE Park

Salt Lake Bees @ Portland Beavers
We arrived a few innings in to the game, late dinner, and leave during the 8th inning.
The Beaver, Bees and the Omaha Royals are in the same league – the Pacific Coast League.

P7180837 P7180840 P7180843 P7180844 P7180845 P7180848
P7180849 P7180852 P7180853 P7180856 P7180857 P7180858
P7180860 P7180861 P7180863 P7180865 P7180867 P7180870
 Beaver Dance
P7180875 P7180877 P7180879
Score on Exit
Left: We left PGE Park in the 8th
ending, with The beaver ahead 3-5
But the Bees won the game 8-5


Afterward, we walked around the stadium, take the Max Red Line & the Streetcar back to
the car, and drive back to Pat Roach’s home in Gladstone, Oregon, just south of Portland.

Portland 2009 Trip - Day 3, July 18 - Downtown, MAX Line & Baseball

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