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July 18, 2009 - Mike Bruening and I spend this afternoon in the Portland downtown area, between the Streetcar ride north from
South Waterfront and MAX Red Line ride west, we walked north thru the Cultural District, enjoyed the Sand in City sand sculptures
at Pioneer Courthouse Square, and stroll north along the riverfront. Our first stop on the MAX Rid Line Journey was the PGE Park.

Max Line   Downtown Area   Riverfront
PGE Park
 & Baseball Game
Cultural District
    South park Blocks
Mills End's Park
  Naito Pkwy @ Taylor St
Return Turn North
  From Beaverton TC
Sand-in-the City
  @ Courthouse Sq
Waterfront Park
  Walked Middle third North
    Battleship Oregon
    Memorial Marine Park
     Naito Pkwy @ Pine St.

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