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Day 2, July 17 - Day on the Coast

Friday July 17th, 09 - Today, Pat Roach, Mike Bruening, and I spend a day on the coast.
  On route to the coast, via the sunset Highway, we had lunch at Camp 18. We put our
  feet in the ocean at Cannon Beach, visit an Aquarium at Seaside, and ride a trolley
  & view the mouth of the Columbia River from the Astoria Column in Astoria.   Let's go >

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To the Coast Cannon Beach
West Thru Portland - Vista Ridge Tunnels Sunset Highway - Drive thur Forest Camp 18 - Restaurant Display On the Beach - Haystack Rocks Whale Park - Entrance
Leaving Portland
5 photos
Sunset Highway
5 photos
Camp 18
30 photos
On the Beach
15 photos
Whale Park
6 photos
Seaside Astoria
Tunnabout's Lewis & Clark Stature Seaside Aquarium Front Rivefront Trolley @ 6th street stop Astoria Column - View of Astoria Bridge from top Pig & pancake - Ocean sunset framed by Astoria Bridge
The Turnaround
10 photos
Seaside Aquarium
8 photos
Riverfront Trolley
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Astoria Column
20 photos
Pig & Pancake
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West Thru Portland
  After Leaving Pat’s home, We took I-205 North to Powell BLVD, West to US 26 and out to the Coast.

P7170326 P7170331 P7170332 P7170333 P7170335
OHSU above* West Thru the Vista Ridge Tunnels Washington Park Exit

* This is view Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) & the Upper Portland Aerial Tram station
   from Powell Boulevard on the Ross Island Bridge

Sunset Highway - US 26

P7170344 P7170345
Port of Tillamook
Railroad Bridge
P7170347 P7170350 P7170351

Camp 18 - Restaurant & Logging Museum
  This Logging Camp theme Restaurant is named after the US 26 Milepost 18. It is a tradition In the logging
  Industry to give each camp an “Number". Read this. You can eat get like a lumberjack here.

The Camp Sign
P7170361 P7170362 P7170363 P7170365
P7170366 P7170377 P7170380 P7170381 P7170382
P7170383 P7170384 P7170385 In a half hour, I ate
3/4th of Flatcars stack
 a stack of 3 plate size pancakes.

After late Lunch, we spend a half hour view the
Open Air display of historic logging equipment
P7170386 P7170388
A logging caboose
P7170393 P7170396_Cropped P7170398
Big Donkey
P7170399 P7170400
P7170402 P7170403
Water Tower
spar tree @ right
P7170404 P7170408
Big Donkey
Back of Restaurant
Water Wheel
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Cannon Beach, Oregon Map of Cannon Beach, Orgaon
Mid afternoon, we spend on hour the beach.  Afterward
we relax and lean about the beach wildlife at the Whale Park.

On the Beach - Between Birds & Haystack Rock
  As the fog moves in, here we walked in the shallow Pacific Ocean waves south toward Haystack Rock
  and back, watch others fly kits or ride beech bikes. Birds Rock is to the North

Bird Rocks to N.
Haystack Rook
P7170427 P7170430
Fog Rolls in
 Haystack Wave
Spin & surf
P7170442 P7170445
Beach Bike(s)
Incoming waves
P7170449 P7170454 P7170456
Rough Sand
Bird Rocks again

Whale Park
  Named for the Whale Stature, have beach wildlife Information displays on “Hermits” and Puffins.

P7170461 P7170463 P7170465
P7170467 P7170469
Park Entrance The Whale < Wild Life Info Mike w/ Whale

 Seaside, Oregon Downown Seaside Map
The thick fog covered the ocean edge at Seaside. I walked around the Lewis & Clark Stature
at the turnaround and we visited the Seaside Aquarium, Three blocks N. on the Promenade.

The Turnabout
 After a long walk from Highway 101 (about 5 blocks), Pat and Mike enjoyed the view of the
 beach from the Turnabout, while I “inspect” Lewis & Clark Stature in center.

 In the center of...
P7170472 P7170473 P7170475 P7170481
... Turnabout
P7170476 P7170477 P7170478 P7170479 P7170480
The view of the murals clockwise around the base of the stature from the West.
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Seaside Aquarium
  We spend about half hour here.  The main room, No bigger then the small tank display at Omaha Henry
  Doorly Zoo’s Aquarium, display marine life of the coast. Here you feed the seals for song and dance!!

P7170483 P7170484 P7170486 P7170488 Map of Aquarium Locatikon
Small tanks One of the seals Killer Whale ?
P7170491 P7170494 P7170495 P7170496 It Four block north
of The Turnabout
just east of the ....
Victor the Lobster Front face the ... .... Promenade


Astoria, Oregon

Map of Astoria. Oregon
The photo theme of this section is the Astoria Bridge over the mouth of the
Columbia River. Here were rode the ride the Riverside Trolley. View the coast
a from Astoria Column and had late Dinner at Pig & Pancake.

From the Coast
  Entry into Astoria is Impressive. With Astoria Bridge at the left, this riverside town which covers the
  steep hill ahead, loom larger as we across the bridge over Youngs Bay from Warrenton. We drove east
  under the Astoria Bridge to the 6th River Overlook to catch the Trolley.

View from
East on US 26
The 6th Street
River Overlook...

.. And it view West

Riverfront Trolley - Ride To Barn
We catch the last run of the Trolley at 6th Street Pier - Summer Trolley service ends at 7pm. Pat, Mike and
I rode Old 300 east under the Astoria Bridge to the Trolley Barn. We got a history lesson en-route. The
Conductor, after counted the money, give use a ride to our car.

6th Street Stop
The inside
P7170515 P7170519
The Town & ...
... Astoria Bridge
Pat & Mike
Trolley in Barn
The Conductor >...
P7170528 P7170529
...&  his hat on me
Note: there is no overhead wire. This trolley pull/push an generator trailer
The Riverside Trolley Route on Map of Astroia, Oregon
Map of Trolley Route - We ride the Trolley from a block West of Post Office east to end.

Astoria Column
The riverside town of Astoria seems to covers one huge hill. Set on the peek of Coxcomb Hill, 600 ft elevation
is the 125 ft Astoria Column. A mural of Oregon History to 1900’s wrap around the column from bottom to Top.

 Because of my fear of heights, Mike Bruening climbs to the top and takes photos of
 the great view of the Columbia River, Pacific Ocean, and Youngs Bay for me

P7170531 P7170536 P7170537 P7170538 P7170540
  Me & Youngs Bayy View from the Top of Column, Photos by Mike Bruening
P7170542 P7170543 P7170555 P7170556 P7170558
More View from the Top Star to Top
P7170562 P7170563 P7170565 P7170566 P7170574
Info insidethe  base of column  Metal Relief Map table west of ... .... Column
P7170569 P7170571 P7170570 P7170572 P7170573
Lewis & Clark history Panels Indian Burial Canoe
  Some thumbnail are displayed out of order for better presentation.

Pig & Pancake Sunset
Pat Mike and I end this long fun-filled day with a late dinner at Pig & Pancake. Afterward, I saw an ocean
sunset, framed by the Astoria Bridge from the restaurant. We followed the Columbia River back to Portland.

restaurant sign
P7170577 P7170578
ocean sunset
Longview, Wa

Portland 2009 Trip - Day 2, July 17 - Day on the Coast

Based on Gallery by MINO STUDIO

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