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Day 1, July 16 - Flight To Portland

Thursday July 16th, 09 - Mike Bruening and I flew to Portland, Or, by the way of Phoenix, Az
  to spend the next the 4 days in the Northwest. We had 9am flight, Southwest #2890 , from
  Epply Airfield to Phoenix. After an four-hour layover at the Phoenix Sky Harbor International
, we fly, Southwest #2177, to the Portland International Airport.       Mike Bruening >

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Eppley Airfield - Lower Lever Flight to Phoenix - Taking drink orders Sky Harbor Airport - Terminal 4 Concourse D Art Flight to Portland - Viw of Mt hood from Air Landing at Portland International Airport
Eppley Airfield
20 photos
To Phoenix ...
19 photos
Sky Harbor Airport
30 photos
To Portland ...
15 photos
International Airport
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@ Eppley Airfield - Lower Lever
  We were droped off at 7:15am. The over 1 1/2 hour before our 9am Flight
  After the Baggage cheek-in, we have lot of time to explore the airport.

P7160019_Vert P7160020 P7160021 P7160022Map of Epply Airfeild
North End: "The Best Begins" by Bruce Howdle - Mineral Point WI. Center: Baggage claim & Map
P7160023_Vert P7160026 P7160025 P7160027 P7160028
South End: "The Missouri River Symphony"
by Milt Neinrich of Blair Nebraska

Upper Lever

P7160029 P7160031 P7160032 P7160033 P7160034
Aviation History, ... Omaha Sister City... ... and Truskee Airman Display

North Gates

P7160036 P7160041 P7160042 P7160043 P7160045
The Food Court Ready to board ... ... this airplane ready to take off
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Flight to Phoenix - 9 am -Southwest #2890 - About 1 1/2 hour flight
  We sit just behind the wings, on the left side of the airplane.

MUD Water Plant
Taking drink orders
Clouds in Motion
P7160067 P7160078
Snack Crackers
P7160079 P7160083
S.W. City Napkin
P7160086 P7160092
Popcorn ..
.. Clouds
P7160101 P7160109
My Sunglass:
Clouds Reflection

@ Sky Harbor International Airport - Terminal 4
  We have a 4-hour layover here in Phoenix,Arizona, so we explored this U-Shape 7 concourse Terminal,
  and have lunch in Concourse D foods court. Southwest airline use the south side of This Terminal.

P7160120 P7160124 P7160126 P7160127 P7160128
Pass our departure gate on arrival Cheek flight Time the Bridge over the east end 
P7160135 P7160136 P7160140 P7160143 P7160145
Southwest theme Store View of downtown  Trail of Painted Ponies Figurines dsiplay
P7160146 P7160133 The Airport is
east of Downtown
Phoenix Arizona
Sky Harbor International Airport  - FAA Airport Diagram Sky Harbor International Airport  - Terminal 4 map
View of Airplanes and Local Mountains   FAA Airport Diagram Terminal 4 Map
   "Mountain"  thumbnails are displayed out of order for better presentation.

Sprint Funny Viral Video & Control Tower

P7160152 P7160153 P7160154 P7160155 P7160168  
This is longer of the two Sprint ads in Terminal 4 - Control Tower is to the west

Concourse "D"
  This is most attractive concourse of Terminal 4. Here, about hour before our flight, an
  former UNO student, Mark, Surprise me at the Food Court. He also was flying to Portland .

P7160164 P7160157 P7160160 P7160161 P7160162
View of "D" The art work above the north end of the Concourse
P7160156 P7160173 P7160178 P7160179 P7160180
The vault ceiling & gill works below South end art work @ Gate D8 & D7
P7160182 P7160184 P7160186   I flow out
of gate D7
Mark "Zila" & I My flight Ready to take off!    
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Flight To Portland - 2 pm - Southwest #2177  - About 2 1/2 hour flight
  We sit behind the wings, on the right side of the airplane. During the flight, we visited with Debbi Shoemake,
   a kindergarten teacher from Wasilla, Alaska (The hometown of former Alaska Governor, Sarah Palin)

Downtown Phoenix
I-10 & I- 17
Steve Adams &
Mike Bruening

Debbi Shoemake >
P7160217 P7160223

The Dales OR, east
 to Miller Island
P7160229 P7160231 P7160232 P7160236 P7160240
Mt Saint Helens Mt Hood  The Columbia River I-205

Portland International Airport

P7160242 P7160245 P7160248 P7160247 Portland Airpart Map
Landing The concourse C's  Columbia River floor Map
P7160246 P7160249 P7160252 P7160254 P7160259
Music & Flower Calling Home Flight Info tree Arrival drive Auto Rental Gages 
  Columbia floor map thumbnails are displayed out of order for better presentation.

That Evening

At Dinnertime, 6pm, we meet our extended weekend host, my high School friend, Pat Roach,
or a dinner at Clackamas Town Center Food court - Panda Express. We all explore the
shopping center and the "Made in Oregon" Store.

Finally we arrive at Pat's Home in Gladstone, Oregon mid evening.

Portland 2009 Trip - Day 1, July 16 - Flight To Portland Via

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