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My Day on Portland TriTri-Met RoseMet & Aerial Tram

Portland Wikpedia LinksFriday August 17th 2007 - The first day of my three day visit to the
 Portland Oregon Area, I rode all three transportation forms of the
 Tri-Med Pubic Transit System; Bus, MAX Light Rail, Portland Street Car
 and the Portland Aerial Tram. I stayed in a motel, south of Portland,
 across I-205 from the Clackamas Town Center Mall.
Max Light Rail Portland StreetCar Portland Aerial Tram

South End of Green Line (Construction) - Clackamas Town Center Station
  Walking across I-205 to the Clackamas Town Center Mall, from my motel,  I looked north and viewed the
  Construction of the Clackamas Town Center Station* on the south end of the new “Green” MAX Line.

Green Line Route IMG_0125
End of Green Line IMG_0146
Inside Mall
  *An Wikpedia articles link

NE 60th Avenue Station* - North side of  I-84
  After a long bus ride north on route 71 from Clackamas Town Center Mall, my friends
  and I boarded the westbound the MAX train for downtown at the 60th Ave. Street Station.

Looking East
From 60th Ave.
Station on West
side of bridge
IMG_0155 Station Map
IMG_0156 IMG_0157
Eastbound Max

Westbound Max
Red line
Goggle Earth View of Station
Goggle Earth view
  *An Wikpedia articles link

Max Line Ride to Downtown Portland
  My friends and I rode the Red Line west to Pioneer Courthouse Square in downtown Portland.

Long ride standing
No room to sit
IMG_0165 IMG_0167 IMG_0168
Rose Quarter
Station at Right
IMG_0170 IMG_0172 IMG_0177 IMG_0178 IMG_0180
Crossing Willamette River on the Steel Bridge Union Station Pioneer Courthouse
Square Station
  *An Wikpedia articles link

SW 5th / Mall Max line Construction + End of Yellow line
  After visiting the Pioneer Courthouse Square,  I viewed the construction of new Mall Max Line, on the
  east side of Square, than walked a few blocks west to end of the Yellow Line to catch the Streetcar.

IMG_0179 IMG_0188 IMG_0189 Mall Max line Construction
IMG_0190 IMG_0191 IMG_0192   IMG_0195 IMG_0196
6th Ave Mall Max Line Construction, Yamhill to Taylor St
East & South of Pioneer Courthouse Square
End of the Yellow line, 10th & Taylor
West of the Pioneer Courthouse Square

Portland Street Car South
  We rode the streetcar South from the Max Line to South Riverfront Terminal
  of the Portland Aerial Tram, passing Through Portland State University (PSU)

IMG_0197 IMG_0199

Inside View
Street Car line
cross & runs next
to new Max line.
PSU Urban Center
Max Line station
under construction

Portland Aerial Tram
  We rode the Aerial Tram to the Kholer Pavilion Terminal on Oregon Health & Science University's
  Marquarm Hill Campus and back. The fantastical views of Portland is worth hour+ ride to downtown,
   on Tri-Met bus, Max Line and Streetcars. I missed the free ride on Aerial Tram by one day.

IMG_0206 IMG_0207 IMG_0209 IMG_0211 IMG_0217
IMG_0218 IMG_0223 IMG_0228 IMG_0225 IMG_0231

Ride Airport Max Line East
  After the fun ride on the Portland Aerial Tram, and trip north on the streetcar, we rode the
  Airport/Red Line east from Library/SW 9th Ave station downtown to 82nd Ave station.

IMG_0232 IMG_0233 IMG_0234 IMG_0236 IMG_0238
  Pat hangs on Crossing Willamette River on the Steel Bridge

20 Year of Max Line Service
  While riding east on the Airport/Red Line, above the windows, I saw
  a row of "MAX at 20 - Making Track Toward Tomorrow" graphics.

IMG_0240 IMG_0241 IMG_0242 IMG_0243
MAX at 20 graphics Left to Right

1986 - Eastside MAX to Gresham
1998 - Westside MAX to Hillsborn
2001 - Airport MAX takes flight
2004 - Interstate MAX Heads North
2009 - Clackamas to PSU

82nd Ave station* - North side of  I-84
This station is end of the train ride for us. We  rode the route 72 bus back to the
   Clackamas Town Center Mall.

Long Climb Up
Station on East
side of bridge
Goggle View of 84th Ave Station
Google Earth View
On Route 72 Bus
Station Map Pat & Paul Roach

  *An Wikpedia articles link

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My Day on Portland Tri-Met & Aerial Tram

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