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Day 4 - Day in the Mountains

Sunday 19th, 2007 -  Today, Pat's best man at the wedding, Dennis klopping, took Paul Roach, Minsuk
 and I on an long afternoon Columbia River Gorge drive.  After a few stops in Troutdale, We followed
 The Historic Columbia River Highway east to the Bonneville Dam, along the way, we stopped at two
 Columbia River overlooks, the Vista House, and three waterfalls. Return to Portland by the Riverside I-84
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Troutdale (east of Portland) The Historic Columbia River Highway
Truotdale - Culpepper & Co Truotdale - Depot Rail Museum Portland Women's Forum Viewpoint Vista House - Comfort House Latourell Falls
Culpepper & Co, Depot Rail Museum
15 photos
Portland Women's
 Forum Viewpoint
5 photos
Vista House -
Comfort House
10 photos
Latourell Falls
6 photos
More Columbia River Highway Bonneville Dam Riverside I-84
Wahkeena Falls Multnomah Falls Bonneville Dam - Power house Bonneville Dam - Fish Ladder Rooster Rock State Park
Wahkeena Falls
12 photos
Multnomah Falls
16 photos
Power House & The fish ladder
15 photos
River overlook
5 photos

Troutdale (east of Portland)  
 We made two stops in Troutdale, where the Historic Columbia River Highway Begins; Near the I-84 Exit,
 Culpepper & Co. Western Outfitters and before crossing the Historical Sandy River Bridge, Depot Rail
 Museum (Old UP train station).

IMG_0426 IMG_0419 IMG_0421 IMG_0420 IMG_0425
 Culpepper & Co. Western Outfitters (map)
IMG_0430 IMG_0431_Cropped IMG_0432 IMG_0434 IMG_0435
The Columbia River Highway begins.. City seal Downtown Depot Rail Museum
IMG_0436 IMG_0438 IMG_0439 IMG_0441 IMG_0443
UP Caboose Inside the Old Union Pacific Station Historical Bridge info
  Some photos are shown out of order for better presentation.

The Historic Columbia River Highway Columbia River Highway PDF Map
 We followed The Historic Columbia River Highway east toward Bonneville Dam,
 with stops at two Columbia River overlooks, The Vista House, and three waterfalls

Portland Women's Forum Viewpoint @ Chanticleer Point

IMG_0449 IMG_0461 IMG_0454 IMG_0458 IMG_0459
  Monument to Northwest Explorer
 including Lewis & Clark
View of the Columbia River
from Chanticleer Point*
  *An Wikpedia articles link

Vista House - Comfort House @ Crown Point*
   The recently restored (reopen summer 2005) Historic Comfort House has a great view of the
   Columbia River from its wrap around observation deck. The lower level has a gift shop and 
   exhibits on the history of the Vista House and the surrounding area
Visa House Location

IMG_0462 IMG_0464 IMG_0468 IMG_0469 IMG_0471
En Route The River Vista House - Comfort House inside & Out
IMG_0473 IMG_0475 IMG_0476 IMG_0478 IMG_0480
View from observation deck - includes Riverside I-84
The point at top of middle photo: I visited this overlook later today
  One of Four Column
History Panels

Latourell Falls  - Waterfalls of the Northwest Guide Info
  It was short steep climb to the viewing bench. Dennis klopping stayed here, I hiked up to the head of this falls.

IMG_0481 IMG_0483 IMG_0487 IMG_0489 IMG_0491 IMG_0493

Wahkeena Falls  - Waterfalls of the Northwest Guide Info
  While everyone stays below, I walked to the bridge over this falls.

IMG_0498 IMG_0501 IMG_0503 IMG_0504 IMG_0507 IMG_0511
IMG_0513 IMG_0514 IMG_0516 IMG_0518 IMG_0519 IMG_0521

Multnomah Falls  - Waterfalls of the Northwest Guide Info
  While Paul Roach & Minsuk looked at the craft fair and gift shop in the lodge, and Dennis enjoyed the,
  falls from below, I walked the Larch Mountain Trail to and just beyond the Benson Bridge over the falls.
  This 620 foot waterfall is highest in Oregon and second highest year-round waterfall in the United States

IMG_0525 IMG_0526 IMG_0529 IMG_0530 IMG_0534 Multnomah falls Area Hike Map
the Lodge   The Multnomah Falls from Below Area Hiking Map
IMG_0536 IMG_0540 IMG_0543 IMG_0544 IMG_0545  
  One crowded bridge The Multnomah falls from Benson Bridge  
IMG_0549 IMG_0551 IMG_0557 IMG_0558 IMG_0560 IMG_05552
The falls framed by the railing The Multnomah falls on Larch Mountain Trail Trail Info
  Some photos are shown out of order for better presentation.

Bonneville Dam  
 Our Columbia River Gorge Drive ended with a driving pass the Bonneville Dam's hydroelectric Powerhouse
 and visiting the Bradford Island Fishway (including the fish ladder) next to the dam's Visitor center. Here we
 have the underwater view of live fish swimming upstream. On way out, we saw the huge original turbine
 blades on display outside and stopped at the Bonneville Fish Hatchery.

IMG_0562 IMG_0563 IMG_0571 IMG_0575 IMG_0578
Powerhouse ahead Under Water Viewing Fish Maze
IMG_0579 IMG_0581 IMG_0582 IMG_0583 IMG_0584
Maze or Ladder? The Fish Ladder Fishway info The Real Dam!
IMG_0586 IMG_0587 IMG_0588 IMG_0589 IMG_0590
Original Turbine
Pass the hydroelectric Powerhouse on the way out Fish Fountain at
Fish Hatchery

Riverside I-84 River Over Look
 After visiting the Bonneville Dam, we return to Portland by traveling Riverside I-84 west with a short
 stop at a Columbia River overlook. It is west of Rooster Rock State Park and east of the Corbett, Oregon
 exit.  Point Vancouver is across the river, but behind the historic Marker. Interesting, I photograph
 this River Overlook earlier today from the Visa House.

IMG_0593 IMG_0594 IMG_0598 IMG_0599 IMG_0600
On I-84 View of River from Broughton's Expedition Marker

IMG_0475  View of
 the Rive
 Visa House
Aerial of River View Area

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Portland 2007 - Day 4 - Day in the Mountains / Columbia River

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