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Day 1 - Flight to Portland My Flight Itinerary

Thursday August 16th, 2007 - Late Afternoon, Paul Roach, his lady friend, Minsuk and I flew to,
 Portland Oregon for Pat Roach's Wedding on Saturday. We fly Skyway Airlines (delta connection)
 from Epply Airfield to Salt Lake City International Airport, Delta to Portland International Airport.
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Leaving Omaha To Salt Lake City Salt Lake City - Fast Connection Mt Hood on-route to Portland Fish Bench in North Concourse
Leaving Omaha
10 photos
To Salt Lake City
10 photos
 Fast Connection
7 photos
To Partland
6 photos
Arrive in Portland
8 photos

Leaving Omaha
Our Flight, #3888, depart 20 minutes late, circle over Council Bluffs, Iowa before heading west to Salt Lake.

IMG_0034 IMG_0036 IMG_0037 IMG_0040 IMG_0041
Steve, Minsuk
& Paul Roach
Our plane
Out my window Cross the
Missouri River
I-29, Missouri River
Carter Lake, Iowa
IMG_0042 IMG_0044 IMG_0046 IMG_0049 IMG_0050
I-480 & I-29
Qwest Center Omaha, Riverfront,
 Heartland of American Park & Old Market
90th to Keystone Dr
Blonde to Maple +
I-680 North, Fort
& Irvington exit

Clouds en-route to Salt Lake City - Skywest / Delta Flight, #3888

Paul Roach & Minsuk
IMG_0068 IMG_0069 IMG_0074 IMG_0075 IMG_0076

Salt Lake City - Fast Connection
We have less than hour to make connections at the Salt Lake City International Airport - a dash
from Concourse C to E. Beside that, Arriving and leaving, I had a great view of the city and Salt Lake.

IMG_0079 IMG_0084 IMG_0087
IMG_0088 IMG_0089 IMG_0090 Salt Lake City Airport Maps

Clouds & Sunset en-route to Portland, Oregon - Delta Flight, #1464

IMG_0092 IMG_0093 IMG_0094 IMG_0099 IMG_0103 IMG_0104
  Sunset above the clouds Mt Hood peeps above the clouds

Arriving At Portland, Oregon  
After a the evening flights from Omaha, We walked the long North Concourse of
the Portland International Airport to meet Pat Roach

IMG_0106 IMG_0107 IMG_0110 IMG_0111 Portland Airport Maps

Day 5 Departural
Early Morning @ Portland International Airport
The City Lights  east of Airport The North West Concourse (D)
IMG_0112 IMG_0113 IMG_0114 IMG_0117
Columbia River floor Map & fish bench Steve & Pat Everyone

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Portland 2007 - Day 1 - Flight to Portland

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