Johnson Lake Trip 06'

Saturday, August 5, 2006 - After meeting my friend, Gregg Silverberg, in Lincoln, we
 went to Johnson lake in south center Nebraska, for an fun filled day at Jeff Noble’s Cabin.
 It was an "Mini Reunion" of Holdrege pals and UNL Fellowship of Christian Athlete friends
 from 1985.  After a night in Holdrege, we returned home Sunday.
"Mini-reunion" Lakeside photo

06_Johnson_Lake_01 06_Johnson_Lake_02 06_Johnson_Lake_03 06_Johnson_Lake_05 06_Johnson_Lake_06
Gregg & I at
Cracker Barrel
Archway Monument
"Wind Sculpture"
Kearney Rest Stop
Johnson Lake
view from Dam
Rachel Noble Views
 1985 lake photos
06_Johnson_Lake_07 06_Johnson_Lake_08 06_Johnson_Lake_09_Trimmed 06_Johnson_Lake_11 06_Johnson_Lake_12_Trimmed
Jeff Noble Views
1985 lake photos
Jeff bring Boat in Jeff's  Cabin
in center
Ready to Water Ski
Jeff's son & friend
Boys down!
Gregg holds flag
06_Johnson_Lake_13_Trimmed 06_Johnson_Lake_14_Trimmed 06_Johnson_Lake_15_Trimmed 06_Johnson_Lake_16 06_Johnson_Lake_17
That me!! the boys finally Ski than take a rest  Shore Leave Try Wakeboarding
06_Johnson_Lake_19 06_Johnson_Lake_20 06_Johnson_Lake_21_Trimmed 06_Johnson_Lake_22_Cropped 06_Johnson_Lake_23
Jeff's son, Ben, caught or is it "net" a fish!  The kids out for "Power Pull Float" ride Than sit still
06_Johnson_Lake_24_Trimmed 06_Johnson_Lake_25_Trimmed 06_Johnson_Lake_27 06_Johnson_Lake_28_Trimmed 06_Johnson_Lake_29_Trimmed
The waterline view, even under the dock! Mitch Jones views
1985 lake photos
Boys a float, where the girls go!
06_Johnson_Lake_31 06_Johnson_Lake_32 06_Johnson_Lake_33 06_Johnson_Lake_34 06_Johnson_Lake_35
Ladies seek shade Corn - yum! Hamburger coming! Prayer & dinner is served
06_Johnson_Lake_36 06_Johnson_Lake_38 06_Johnson_Lake_39 06_Johnson_Lake_41_Cropped 06_Johnson_Lake_42
Children relaxing Shore side visiting Rain is Coming ! "Reunion group" Playing Buzz-Word
06_Johnson_Lake_43 06_Johnson_Lake_44 06_Johnson_Lake_45 06_Johnson_Lake_47_Cropped 06_Johnson_Lake_48
Lake side Chat Sunset under rain! Brett Pearson Views
 1985 lake photos
"Reunion Group"
Time to leave, say
"Good- by" to kids

"Mini-Reunion" Group photos

"Mini-reunion" Lakeside photo On the Lake front
Top Row:
Gregg Silverberg,
Jeff & Rachel Noble
Bottom Row:
Jenni & Mitch Jones
Steve Adams
"Mini-Reunion" Photo inside Inside Jeff's Cabin at 10pm
Jenni Jones wife
Steve Adams
Brent & Polly Pearson
Mitch Jones
Rachel & Jeff Noble

The Next Day

I Spend overnight and had a breakfast with Gregg Silverberg’s parent in
Holdrege, Nebraska, before Gregg and I head back home.  

06_Johnson_Lake_49 06_Johnson_Lake_50_Trimmed 06_Johnson_Lake_51_Trimmed 06_Johnson_Lake_52
Gregg in Dad's
Duck room
WWII POW tower & Wire buffalo at
Nebraska prairie Museum
Last pass under the
Archway Monument

Johnson Lake Trip 06'

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