Indianapolis Trip 2006

Trip Overview:
   Mother, Paula and I fly to Indianapolis, for a five day visit with my sister, Susan,
   and family just NE of Indianapolis and attended their son, Sean, Graduation
Area Maps listed below
Day 1
Wed, May 24 2006
     has 20 photos
Over Iowa Lake Michigan “Sculpture” Above Indianapolis Flight to Indianapolis
Day 2
Thru, May 25 2006
     has 85 + 19 photos

   Downtown - Index
   Sean's HS Graduation
ArtsGarden from South Canal lock waterfall Foucault Pendulum at ISM ArtsGarden
Central Canal walk
Indiana State Museum
Sean receiveing the Diplomas Ice Cream Party Sean's Commencement
Ice Cream Cake Party
Day 3
Fri, May 26 2006
     has 27 + 13 photos

   In Fisher
   Grad Dinner & Hike
My Girlfreind's Kitchen Playground at Roy G. Holland Memorial park Fisher "Train Station" My Girlfriend's Kitchen
Center Fishers hike
Sean & Zack S.E. Hike Flower Graduation Dinner
Hike to S.W.
Day 4
Wed, May 27 2006
     has 5 photos
Over the Water   A Personal day with the family Hike to N.E
Day 5
Wed, May 28 2006
     has 15 photos
Last Downtown View Jet's Trails from air The airplan showdow landing Indianapolis Skyline
Flight Home to Omaha
Maps Fisher Cambers Map Central Fishers Map Downtown
Central Canal Walk
Fishers, In - Hike
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