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Day 3 - Graduation Dinner & S.W. Hike

Friday, May 26, 2006 - After spending the afternoon in Fishers, Indiana, my nephew,
  Sean had his Graduation Dinner at Cheeseburger in Paradise in northwest Indianapolis.
  That evening, I hiked from Susan home, not far from Geist Reservoir, southeast
  along Fall Creek Road to 96th.
S. E. Hike 

Sean Graduation Dinner @ Cheeseburger in Paradise
IMG_5172 IMG_5174 IMG_5176 IMG_5177 IMG_5179 IMG_5181
Here we are !! All The Family Sean's Mother Sean & Zack   Paradise Dessert

S. W. Hike
IMG_5188 IMG_5190 IMG_5191 IMG_5192 IMG_5193 IMG_5194 IMG_5195
Walk begins Fall Creek Road's Forest side path Iris at 96th street, near end of walk

Day 3 - Graduation Dinner & S.W. Hike

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