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Sunpu Gate Under The Snow - Steve Adams

Larry's Photos - Lantern
To Larry's
Friday, December 9th - Early afternoon, Larry Uebner of the Omaha Sister Cities Association
and I photographs the Sunpu Gate, Mt Fuji and the surround area at Lauritzen Gardens.
The white blanket of snow from the pass two weeks of cold weather and snow fall gives
the area a whole new look.  It was near gone on the following Tuesday.

The photo below are arranged to simulated a walk from the road to Mt Fuji and back through the
 Kabulzi (black), Sunpu & Torii (red) gate. The lanterns are the "east" side of path.
The Map
The Map

Snow_001 Snow_002 Snow_003 Snow_004 Snow_005 Snow_006
Snow_007 Snow_008 Snow_009 Snow_010 Snow_011 Snow_012
Snow_013 Snow_014 Snow_015 Snow_016 Snow_017 Snow_018
Snow_019 Snow_020 Snow_021 Snow_022 Snow_023 Snow_024
Snow_025 Snow_026 Snow_027 Snow_028 Snow_029 Snow_030
Snow_031 Snow_033 Snow_034
Shuichiro Kohama's Menu from Omaha
 has the first snow photos
Mt Fuji Frist Snow

Also see more Snow Photos by Larry Uebner
All Photos by Steve R. Adams

Sunpu Gate Under The Snow - Steve  Adams

Based on Gallery by MINO STUDIO

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