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Oni Tile Ceremony & Bamboo Fence - Sept 27th

Before Oni Tile Ceremony

Last minute are item being done. The "temporary Sengen Shrine" in front of the Sungu gate were set-up, tile spacer being removed, and last Lenten placed.

IMG_2648 IMG_2650 IMG_2653 IMG_2655 IMG_2656 IMG_2658 IMG_2660

Oni Tile Installation Ceremony

It is similar to Shinto Blessing and Ridge Beam Ceremony expect for mid-ceremony “purification” of the Oni Tile on one end of main roof beam.
IMG_2663 IMG_2665 IMG_2669 IMG_2670 IMG_2671 IMG_2674
IMG_2676 IMG_2677 IMG_2679 IMG_2683 IMG_2695 IMG_2696

Mt. Fuji Steps

Today, landing at the top of the steps, partway up Mt. Fuji is built.

IMG_2722 IMG_2723 IMG_2724 IMG_2727 IMG_2728 IMG_2757

Other photos

Other photo of the area including Cox Cable interview with Toshi Kawai and Mel Bohr attempted reading of sign on the Sunpu Gate.

IMG_2698 IMG_2735 IMG_2736 IMG_2737 IMG_2738 IMG_2739 IMG_2762

Bamboo Fence

The Bamboo Fence was added on each side of Sunpu Gate. The support posts are set. The fence is a plastic replica of bamboo.

IMG_2709 IMG_2710 IMG_2711 IMG_2715 IMG_2717 IMG_2743
IMG_2747 IMG_2748 IMG_2751 IMG_2753 IMG_2755 IMG_2756

Oni Tile Ceremony & Bamboo Fence - Sept 27th

Based on Gallery by MINO STUDIO

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