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Ridge Beam Ceremony Day - Sept 24th

Gate Construction Day 3

Today, construction continues with the tile installation on the main "beam" over the Sunpu Castle Gate Replica.  Besides the tile wire tie down, a cement mixture of straw, sand, lime and water was used to hold the tile in place. (see mixing photo)

Area landscaping was started. Signs with Japanese writing were installed near the Luaritzen Gardens' road and on backside (Southside) of the gate.

IMG_2372 IMG_2376 IMG_2377 IMG_2383 IMG_2384 IMG_2386
IMG_2390 IMG_2401 IMG_2406 IMG_2411 IMG_2413 IMG_2416
IMG_2419 IMG_2425 IMG_2428 IMG_2442 IMG_2444 IMG_2447

Red Torri Gate and Mt Fuji "Shrine"

Mt Fuji "Shrine", a small unpainted hand crafted Torri style gate, was made and temporarily installed on top of the mini Mt. Fuji. A second larger hand crafted Torri Gate was made to be paced at the base of the steps leading to the top to Fuji. (See Map of Sunpu Gate Area for location of Mt Fuji)

IMG_2379 IMG_2380 IMG_2381 IMG_2393 IMG_2397 IMG_2399 IMG_2421
IMG_2424 IMG_2430 IMG_2433 IMG_2435 IMG_2440 The Red
Torri Gate and
 Mt Fuji "Shrine"
are at bottom
 of the map
 at right
Sunpu Gate Area Map

Ridge Beam Ceremony

It is similar to Shinto Blessing Ceremony. Mid way in the ceremony everyone, (standing in two lines) pulled on the rope attached to the gate. This symbolized everyone working together on the gate. It was followed by the pounding on the ridge (side) beam. This was symbolized testing of structure to withstand storms. Next the tiles were passed down the line to the gate (see photo with camera), and up to the ridge Beam.

IMG_2449 IMG_2452 IMG_2459 IMG_2460 IMG_2461 IMG_2462
IMG_2465 IMG_2467 IMG_2469 IMG_2471 IMG_2472  

Ridge Beam Ceremony Day - Sept 24th

Based on Gallery by MINO STUDIO

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