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Shinto Blessing Celebration - Sept 22nd

Before the Blessing. - (blessing photo below)

7:40 am, September 22, 2005 - Arriving at the Sunpu Castle Gate Replica construction site at the Luaritzen Gardens, the miniature Mt. Fuji has been completed (cone shape) and is being covered with grass. Also crates of the gate's posts, beams and other structure gate pieces had been moved from the road to the gate site. The Construction Group from Japan was visiting with "officials" from the Omaha Sister Cities Association and the Luaritzen Gardens, as well as unpacking the crates and doing last minute site preparation for the Blessing Celebration.
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IMG_2229 IMG_2230 IMG_2231      

Shinto Blessing Celebration

Little after 9:00 am, everyone took part in a traditional Shinto BlessingBlessing of the gate construction site. It started with the symbolic washing of the hands. Hand washing using a wooden ladle dipped into a special hand held container of water. Next was the throwing of rice to symbolic purify the gate site. This was followed by the “Bow prayer” for safe work. The "Bow Prayer" (Two bow toward alter, two fast hand clip and another bow) first officials, and followed by various work groups. Celebration Closed with group toast.
IMG_2226 IMG_2228 IMG_2232 IMG_2233 IMG_2234
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Gate Construction Day 1

I have other plans for the day and was unable to stay to photograph the first day of gate construction after the Shinto Blessing Celebration. Two websites below has photos of this day construction.

Shinto Blessing Celebration

Based on Gallery by MINO STUDIO

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