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Sunpu Gate Area Map

Area Photos are below. Snow Photos.
Shizuoka Sunpu Gomon Plan - Shizuoka Sunpu
Gomon Plans

40th anniversary

Kabulzi Gate. - Sept 25, 26
It is a square black gate near the Luaritzen Gardens Road.

Lanterns - Sept 23, 26, 27
They are a gift from a single person in Omaha sister city,
Shizuoka, Japan and have been in storage for several years.

Bamboo Fence - Sept 27

Sunpu Gate - All days
This Gate is 1/3 scale replica of the real Sunpu Castle Gate in
Shizuoka, Japan. It is a gift to the Luaritzen Gardens from the
business men of Shizuoka, Japan on the 40th anniversary of
the Omaha – Shizuoka, Japan sister city relationship. Interesting
fact, it is made from wood of a single 350 year old Japanese tree.

Water Wheel - Sept 26

Red Torii - Sept 24, 25, 26
The Red Gate at base of Omaha’s Mt Fuji.

Mt Fuji - Sept 24, 25, 26, 27
It is 377.6 inches (31.5 foot) tall replica of Mt. Fuji and
approximately 1/400th height of the 3,776 meters tall Mt Fuji in
Japan. The real Mt Fuji can be seen from Shizuoka, Japan.  Steps
go partway up to the Shrine/small Red Torii gate at top of Mt Fuji.
View from top of Mt Fuji
and east of Sunpu Gate
On September 26th
All construction is done, Left - view from the top of stairs on Mt Fuji.
Middle - Lanterns along the path and gravel behind the Sunpu Gate.
Right - Kabulzi Gate next to road - all from September 29th
Snow_004 Snow_007 Snow_013 Snow_022 Snow_026 Snow_030 Snow_034
Nearly three months after the construction, 2nd snow of season have blanketed the area over a week
 before December 9th.   Shuichiro Kohama's Menu from Omaha has the first snow photos 

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