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IMG_3960 IMG_4230 IMG_4567 IMG_4652 IMG_4667
Beauty Across
the Borders
Spring into Snow Kenefick Park
 Spring 06
Springtime in Lauritzen Gardens
IMG_5003 IMG_5029 IMG_5030 IMG_5049 IMG_5067
Indianapolis Trip 2006 - Central Canal walk & ...  Indiana State Museum - Movie of above
IMG_5498 IMG_5567 06_Johnson_Lake_09_Trimmed 06_Johnson_Lake_44 IMG_5951
Shizuoka Little
League Final Game
Fourth of July
Johnson Lake Trip 06' OmaHawks Labor
Day R/C Airshow
IMG_6003 IMG_6030 IMG_6060 IMG_6111 IMG_6286
Woodman's 9/11 5th Anniversary Flag AppleJack Parade Omaha Sister City
 River Cruise
All photo were taken by the Canon Powershot S70* 7.1-magepix Digital Camera, expect for the Johnson Lake
photos.  *Cameras reviews by Some photos were color corrected or enhanced by
the Microsoft Office Picture Manager software.
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Best 0f 2006 Photos

Based on Gallery by MINO STUDIO

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