The 05-07 Parade of People, Animals & Things
A Themed Community Wide Public Art Projects Collection

Bench Marks Open House - Outside
April 16th, 05 - "Bench Marks" Open House
  @ Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts
Has 22 inside & 33 outside Pictures Bench Mark - Art Bus Bench
Bench Marks Open House - Inside
South Center Omaha/72nd
June 22nd, 05 - August 9th - "Bench Mark" Art
Has 207+ Pictures on 9 "by Area" pages Bench Mark - Art Bus Bench
SouthWest Omaha
Downtown Lincoln Star Art
Mar 14th, 06 - DTL & Capitol "Star Art"
DTL is Downtown Lincoln , At NE State capitol
Has 38 /15 Pictures The Star Art of Lincoln
Nebraska State Capitol Star Art
Omaha Online - 1st W.  Dale Clark Library Display
Summer 06 - Omaha Online Shirt of
May 7th - June 16th -W.  Dale Clark Library
June 23rd - July 7th - Gene Leahy Mall Display
Omaha Online - Genn Leahy Mall Display
This is Omaha O!
June 2th-July 10th,07 - O! Art is Omaha
Has 90 Pictures O! art is for Omaha
 Suffolk War Horse
West Sarpy County Benches
July 10th-Aug 28th, 07 - Plains to Planes 
@ All  Across Sarpy County
Has 103 Pictures  
Central Sarpy County Benches

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