Annual Cathedral Flower Festival
@ the St. Cecilia Cathedral

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The front of St. Cecilia Cathedral
Jan 24th, 09 - Quilts & Flower
 @ St. Cecilia Cathedral
Has 83 Pictures
"Around the World" in the South hall Harp Music in the Chapel
Musical Wait - Mark Nelson on Piano
Jan. 30th,10 - Friends & Flowers
 @ St. Cecilia Cathedral
Has 77 Pictures
Untitled (Wool) in the South Hall Christening Gowns in the North "hall"
Cross in "South Side Hall" Doll in "South Side Hall"
Jan. 29th,11 - Xalapa! City of Flowers
@ St. Cecilia Cathedral
Has 39 Pictures
Cross in "The Galleries behind the Altar" IN Our Lady of Nebraska Chapel  Entry Item in the "North side Hall"
"The Ascot Races" in the South Hall
Jan. 29th,12 - Garlands & Garments
@ St. Cecilia Cathedral
Has 76 Pictures
"habit" behind the Altar English Huts Collection in the Chapel "Antique Spanish Dalmatics" in the North Hall
Front Door South Side Nook
Jan. 26th - A Floral Fantasy
@ St. Cecilia Cathedral
Has 102 Pictures
East End - 1-800-Flowers - Grasso Florist North Side - West Broadway Hy-Vee Floral

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