Freedom Rock Trip 06

Monday, November 20th - 9 days after Veterans Day, I went on a one day trip to central Iowa
 to view the 2006 Freedom Rock, and the finished Greenfield Iowa's Sesquicentennial Murals
 painted by Ray (Bubba) Sorensen II with a midmorning stop in Elk Horn for authentic Danish Rolls.
2006 Freedom Rock Greenfield Sesquicentennial Mural

Elk Horn, Iowa  (6 mile North of I-80, exit 54, Iowa)
IMG_6610 IMG_6612 IMG_6613 IMG_6614 Jacquelyn's Danish BakeShoppe and kaffe hus
 Stopped here for a midmorning hot Chocolate and
 authentic danish rolls. The bakery display counter
 were decorated for the Holidays season.  the baker
 owner, Jacqui Christiansen, is in far right photo.

The Freedom Rock (1 mile south of I-80 Exit 86, N.E Corner of 210th &  Iowa Hwy 25)

Every year since 1999, for Memorial Day, Ray (Bubba) Sorensen II paints a new "wrap around" mural on the Freedom Rock
to honor the Veterans.  He paints the rock white a few weeks earlier to prepare it for the next mural.  2006 version below.
IMG_6615 IMG_6616 IMG_6617 IMG_6619 IMG_6620
Also see list of other Freedom Rock webpages on my Freedom Rock & Patriotic Murals page.
IMG_6622 IMG_6624 IMG_6626 IMG_6627 Left: The visitor information broad display
Images of the last six Freedom Rock murals

My mother reading comment left by
other freedom rock visitor.  

Greenfield, IA (12 mile south of the Freedom Rock on Iowa Hwy 25, 13 mi south of I-80)
Greenfield Sesquicentennial Mural  by Ray (Bubba) Sorensen II  
IMG_3123 IMG_6637 IMG_6647 IMG_6643IMG_6644
Before... (Nov 2nd, 2005) After ... the midsummer 2006 Greenfield Sesquicentennial - Mural details below & above
IMG_3124IMG_3125 IMG_6639IMG_6640IMG_6650IMG_6645IMG_6646

Veterans Room Patriotic Mural   Adair County  "Sculpture"
IMG_3129 After Lunch in the Old Hotel Restaurant's Veterans
Room (Mural at Left),  I walk around the nearby
Adair County Court House and view the 3_piece
"Our work, Our Music" Sculpture (at Right)
IMG_6648 IMG_6649
The Veterans Room Patriotic Mural and Greenfield Sesquicentennial Mural "Before" photos are from my 2005 Freedom Rock & Murals Trip

Freedom Rock Trip 06

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