Ralston 4th of July 2013

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See the "Independence City Quilters & Friends" Quilt Show before ...
@ Ralston Baright Public Library - 5555 S. 77th Street, Ralston, Ne

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Previous Year Displays

Ralstan 4th of July Shirt Quilt Ralston Quilt Show closeup 2010
The Flag in Center Quilt Some of the "Nebraska theme" Quits 2011
Some Quilts Quiilt display on Wall  

The Jim's Svoboda Viewing Party for ...
  Family and friend. conversation over a Pot Luck lunch before and during the Parade. on 80th ave.

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Jim Grilling
Pot Luck lunch
In his garage
My young friend
Mike Kinney
Channel 7, KETV
Interview Jim.

The Ralston's 53rd Independence Day Parade
  This Parade started at 12:45 pm, Lasting for two hours. Its starts at 80th & Highland - ending at 75th & Main St.

Watching Float & Other Bands & Performances

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Previous Year Parades

2006   2010   2011    


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Ralston 4th of July 2013

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