Pedestrian Bridge Close Ups 2013

Saturday, January 19th 2013 - This windy afternoon, Jose Patino and I hiked to the Nebraska
 tower of Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge and back to the Iowa landing. From the bridge deck with
 my new Cannon SX500 IS 30x zoom camera, I photographed the tops of Iowa & Nebraska towers,
 and below, thhe croppy water, the ducks on Iowa riverbank to north and on sandbar to the south.
Duck on the Sandbars Iowa tower Top Ducks on Riverbank

Amphitheater to Iowa Tower
 First two photos is the Riverfront Place Towers from the south end of the Council Bluffs new River Edge Park's Amphitheater.

IMG_0110 IMG_0113 IMG_0115 IMG_0116 IMG_0120
Riverfront Place Towers from the Amphitheater Omaha Skyline

Ducks on Sandbar – and Croppy water on south side of bridge, east of the Iowa Tower.

The Ducks
The Sandbar
IMG_0125 IMG_0127

Two Towers Tops - The 2nd & 3rd photos are 70x zoom from Bridge Deck.

IMG_0129 IMG_0130 IMG_0131 IMG_0132 IMG_0133
Iowa Tower from the West. Nebraska tower from the  East

Ducks on Riverbank - Iowa side, north of bridge. Right: Omaha Skyline thru River Edge Park’s Great Lawn trees.

IMG_0135 IMG_0139 IMG_0140 IMG_0142
Skylines thru the trees

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Pedestrian Bridge Close Ups 2013

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