2013 April to Summer Highlights

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Words from Bridge church Invite card at Compress Ministry
April 13th - Village One April 2013 Outreach
Has 60 Pictures
Compass Ministry - Clearing out stuff Mission House - Paniting
Opening Ceremonies
Apr 13th - International Horse Jumping
@ CenturyLink Center Omaha
Has 58 Pictures
The Competition - Horse Jumping Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom Display
Salute to Labor Sculpture Tom on the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge
April 27th - Pedestrian Bridge & Overlook
Has 35 Pictures
River reflection of Sun Omaha Skylike
Going Door to Door
May 13th - Village One May 2013 Outreach
Has 48 Pictures
Parinting the Mission House BBQ At Compass Ministry
 Clouds behind the Nebraska Pylon Impromp marina south of Bridge
May 25-26th - Bridge to Loessfest + Fireworks
Has 30 Pictures
Loessfest Stage with Omaha Skyline View fraom Nebraska Landing LoessFest fireworks
Volunteers Pizza Lunch Cleaning the Interactive wall murals in education center
June 1st - CCC Spring Work Day 13
  @ Christ Church Church - Omaha, Nebraska
Has 77 Pictures
Cleaning Student Center Windor Mulching trees by the ball Field Cleaning Children’s entrances to education Center
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