2013 January to March Highlights

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Dance Lessons
Dec. 31- Jan 1st - GAMe New Year Party
 @ 1314 Jones Street - Old Market
Has 72 Pictures
Photo Session - Nick take photo of ladies it'ss 2013 at Time' Square
  - Holidays 2012 Ends -
Right side of Car
Jan 12 - High Five Tour's Mustang GT500  
 @ CenturyLink Center Omaha
Has 15 Pictures
Hig Ficw tour Logo above wheel The Door on left side
Duck on the Sandbars
Jan 19 - Pedestrian Bridge Close-Ups
 @ Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge
Has 20 Pictures
Iowa tower Top Ducks on Riverbank
Front Door South Side Nook
Jan. 26th - A Floral Fantasy
@ St. Cecilia Cathedral
Has 102 Pictures
East End - 1-800-Flowers - Grasso Florist North Side - West Broadway Hy-Vee Floral
  February 6th - GAMe Superbowl Party 13
   Don't attend do to illness
Bison and Calf east of the entance Water Platter in the Floral Hall
Feb. 16th - Nature Connects LEGO Exhibits
@ Lauritzen Gardens' Visitor Center
Has 70 Pictures
Lawn Mower the Rise Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly
Chinese Symbol welcome Guests Omaha Sister City Association Table
Mar 2nd - 2013 Chinese New Years Gala
 @ Westside High School
Has 170 Pictures
Butterfly Lovers  Dance Spring time in Snow Mountains Sudden Good Fortune-Perfect Marriage
Mar 3rd - Omaha Orchid Show 2013
@ Lauritzen Gardens' Great Hall
Has 44 Pictures
More Orchids Nature Connects Exhibits
A pot of green Gold Lean to spin a lady
Mar 16th - GAMe St Patrick's Party 13
 @ 1314 Jones Street - Old Market
Has 80 Pictures
The  Swingtone Band lady in green The bunny Line
Tieing the balloons getting readay - Pedro holding sign
Mar 30th - Village One Easter Egg Hunt
@ Skinner Magnet Center Elementary School
Has 89 Pictures
Face-Painting at Festival Fixing Hot Dog  Easter Egg Hunt
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