Village One Easter Egg Hunt & Festival 2012

Event Sigt on Ames Ave schoole overpass at 33rd Saturday, April 7th 2012 - Volunteer from Christ Community Church
 and Bridge Church host and set-up the Village One Easter Egg Hunt
 & festival outreach at the Skinner Magnet Center Elementary School.
   After a short introduction in gym and hot dog lunch, the children
 enjoyed the Outdoor Festival & Easter Egg Hunt..
Event Introduction in gym face-painting at Outdoor festival Inside a bouncy houseat Outdoor Fetival The Easter Egg Hunt

Getting Ready - Volunteers from Christ Community Church & Bridge Church setting up this event.

Front Door
Volunteers sign-in
L: Poster Steve
of Bridge Church
IMG_7172 IMG_7173 IMG_7177
Set-up for Intro
IMG_7185 IMG_7186
Lunch items
R: Andrew Bro
Welcome Ladies
IMG_7193 IMG_7200 IMG_7202 IMG_7208 IMG_7209 IMG_7217
Andrew & Annoki   balloons for festive Setting up the lunch line Dan with water

Introduction - Local Community families were introduced to the event activities with words from staff of Bridge Church.

IMG_7220 IMG_7223 IMG_7227 IMG_7229 IMG_7231 IMG_7234 IMG_7235_II
  Bike for later People are filing in   Bobbie Jo Race out for fun

Lunch - Nearly everyone enjoyed a free hot dog lunch in the cafeteria.

IMG_7238 IMG_7240 IMG_7248 IMG_7251 IMG_7253 IMG_7257 IMG_7264
The Lunch Line Good conversation over Hot Dogs & Chips

Festival - Outdoor Festival has face-painting, bouncy houses, animal balloons, music and bicycle raffle.

IMG_7269 IMG_7273 IMG_7274 IMG_7276 IMG_7278 IMG_7279
Face Painting Face Painting continues
IMG_7284 IMG_7286 IMG_7287 IMG_7288 IMG_7293 IMG_7295
Fox 42 interviews Bobbie Jo One Bouncy House
IMG_7296 IMG_7298 IMG_7300 IMG_7302 IMG_7304 IMG_7306
More Bouncy Houses   Fox 42 interview More Face Painting
IMG_7307 IMG_7309 IMG_7310 IMG_7312 IMG_7316 IMG_7317
Me & Andrew Bro Bikes to Raffle off A few Words "Choir" singing to Music
IMG_7318 IMG_7323 IMG_7328 IMG_7330 IMG_7333  
  Late Lunch Animal Balloons - Annoki & Andrew Steve & Bobbie Jo  

Easter Egg Hunt Each age group have it own area to collect eggs.

IMG_7334 IMG_7335 IMG_7336_II IMG_7336_IV IMG_7338 IMG_7339
Ready, Set, ... ... to find and collect the Easter Egg
IMG_7340 IMG_7341 IMG_7345 IMG_7347 IMG_7348_Adj IMG_7350
Two after collecting the eggs. Fox 42 interview Dan & his Daughters Jeremiah Dotzler


IMG_7351 IMG_7353 IMG_7354   Cleaning up After
the Outdoor festival
& Easter Egg Hunt

Village One Easter Egg Hunt & Festival 2012

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