Omaha Skyline & Great Lawn

Saturday, November 3rd, 2012 - This afternoon, Mike Bruening
 and I viewed various sights & city development including a Modem
 Apartment building on 10th street, ConAgra Campus & Riverfront
 from Grace University, and Omaha Skyline & Pedestrian Bridge
 from Council Bluffs New River Edge park's Great Lawn
Omaha Skyline Pedestrian Bridge  The Great Lawn

ConAgra Campus & Riverfront - View from top of hill Just south of 8th & Forest Ave, Grace University

_Downtown1 _Downtown2 _Downtown3

Omaha Skyline -View from an old riverboat prier remains on the south edge Great Lawn.

  A_Skyline1 A_Skyline2 A_Skyline3  A_Skyline_4

Pedestrian Bridge - View from the same old riverboat prier remains in Council Bluffs River Edge’s Park

  B_Bridge1 B_Bridge2 B_Bridge3

The Great Lawn -  Is on wet side of levee in Council Bluffs New River Edge’s Park,
   Just south of the south of Pedestrian bridge

  C_GreatLawn1 C_GreatLawn2 C_GreatLawn3
C_GreatLawn4 C_GreatLawn5 C_GreatLawn6 C_GreatLawn7

Omaha Skyline & Great Lawn

Based on Gallery by MINO STUDIO

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