Sand In the City 2012 - Pro Sculpture Display

Sunday, June 3rd, Sunday - After church on the last day of
the Sand Sculptures Display, I photographed the finished
professional teamís Sea Shore scene.
 Sponsors Logos the Dock 

Building the Sea Shore

Friday - Sculpting Saturday - Sand Sculptures Display
Before The Professional team Sculpted SeaShore, 7_SandDisplay_A The Sea Shore @ 11:10 am Saturday, June 2th, 12 The Sea Shore @ 12:20 pm Saturday, June 2th, 12 The Sea Shore @ 1:30 pm Saturday, June 2th, 12 Disaster Happen @ 2:20pm - when Support Boards removed
  Team Member Curving at 11:10 am 12:20 pm 1:30pm Disaster @ 2:20pm

Finished the Sea Shore

IMG_8680 IMG_8681 IMG_8682 IMG_8683 IMG_8684
Nebraska Childrenís Home ... & Sponsors Logos  
IMG_8685 IMG_8686 IMG_8687 IMG_8688 IMG_8689
The Dock After the Disaster  Truly sand in the city

Sand In the City Omaha 2012 - Sand Sculptures Display

Based on Gallery by MINO STUDIO

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 Sea Sculpture Display

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