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WorldFest Passpart Thursday June, 28 2012 - Every Thursday night from Jun. 21
 to Aug. 2nd, except the week of July 4th Omaha Children's
 Museum, is celebrating the culture of Omaha's Six  Sister Cities.
 Tonight the  Worldfest: A Sister City Celebration! focuses on
 Braunschweig, Germany
Come in - Stamping a Pastport Watching a Puppet show on DVD Activities - Jumping elastic bands Walking a Puppet

Before the Event

IMG_9001 IMG_9004 IMG_9005 IMG_9006 IMG_9007
Museum Entrance 'Welcome" Closed Sister Cities Banner Braunschweig photos & Display
IMG_9008 IMG_9009 IMG_9010 IMG_9012 IMG_9013
My Passport  German Food & ... ... Store ready
IMG_9014 IMG_9015 IMG_9016 IMG_9017 IMG_9018
Logo Ready Germany Children Dancers - Dances later 

Come in! - For tonight's culture experience.

IMG_9020 IMG_9026 IMG_9028 Get the
IMG_9055 Everyone is
welcome to

Tasting a German Treats, Buy a Item with Euros, play with Logos, or make music with Drums

IMG_9030 IMG_9037 IMG_9040 IMG_9041 IMG_9050
Beef Bratwurst, Spätzle Noodles, Gummibdren  ... Guten Appetit!
IMG_9044 IMG_9047 IMG_9048 IMG_9049 IMG_9054_II
Items to buy at the store for a Euro play with logos play the drums

Dancing in the theater by the Germany Children Dancers
  Was followed by a Puppet performance on DVD.

German Dance...
IMG_9061 IMG_9063 IMG_9064 IMG_9065
.... Audience
to puppets by the
Die Schnur Puppen
IMG_9067 IMG_9072 IMG_9077
Watching a
Puppet show
on DVD

Activities: Jumping elastic bands, fairy tales Scenes, Murals Portraits, Trip to Grandmother’s

IMG_9082 IMG_9084 IMG_9085 Jumping
Elastic Bands
is fun.
German Fairy tales
IMG_9104 IMG_9106 IMG_9107 Murals Portraits
Children in German
Hats in front
of Castle Mural
IMG_9108 IMG_9114 IMG_9115 Off to
the woods with
a R/C car.
Store Open

…and Walking a Puppet

IMG_9118 IMG_9121 IMG_9124 IMG_9127 IMG_9129
IMG_9130 IMG_9131
the Puppet

Sue Mehaffey
kisses the

IMG_9132 IMG_9133

Previous Year Braunschweig, Germany Night

Main Floor
Culture Exchange Photos Map of Germany - Berlin – Brandenburger Tor Puzzle - Map of Germany Story Time - Read Little Red Riding Hood Murals Portraits Soccer Goal  

Omaha Children's Museum - Worldfest 2012: Braunschweig, Germany

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