"Learn from Yesterday, Hope for Today, Hope for Tomorrow"

Saturday, March 3rd, 2012 - This evening, Mike Bruening and I, enjoyed food from
 around  the world, international Student talentsand fashions show, at the University
 of Nebraska at Omaha's 40th Annual International Banquet titled "Learn from Yesterday,
 Live for Today, Hope for Tomorrow
" - 6:30pm at the Milo Milo Bail Student Center ballroom.
Banqent Program Front & back Benin:  Group Dance - in the Talent Show frist half Saudi Arabia: Modern Dance  - in the Talent Show second half Fashion Show

Before the Banquet -
Outside and in the Ballroom Bandquet Ticket

IMG_6500 IMG_6501 IMG_6503 IMG_6505 IMG_6515 IMG_6517
Flag of Nations - Just outside the ballroom. Taking Tickets My Table Piano Musicby Tantima Bodrug
  The piano thumbnail were taken after the greeting.

The Banquet begins

 Greeting & Dinner
 IMG_6511_Alt IMG_6513_Alt IMG_6686 IMG_6507_Alt IMG_6514_Alt IMG_6519 IMG_6520
International Student Service Advisor & Director:
Benjamin Joseph Jager & Natalie Hatfield*
Mistresses of Ceremony:
Mingwen Zhao & Niveditha Rajaopalan
The International Flags at MBSC Atrium
IMG_6522 IMG_6523 IMG_6525 IMG_6526 IMG_6527_alt IMG_6531 IMG_6532
Taking Tickets Stubs at food line. Cilantro Lime Rice Mango Curry chicken Dessert My Meal
*Second Photo of were taken at the of the fashions snow

On Stage

The Talent Show  Program Braoder
IMG_6534_Shappen IMG_6537_Shappen IMG_6538_Shappede IMG_6540 IMG_6541 IMG_6549
Colombia - Dance Singing Haiti - Dance Iran - Dance
IMG_6550 IMG_6552_Adj IMG_6555 IMG_6556 IMG_6559_Adj IMG_6561
Iran - Dance continues  I with students from Saudi Arabia China - Instrument Solo by Huimin Wei
IMG_6563 IMG_6564 IMG_6566 IMG_6569 IMG_6573_III IMG_6573_VII
Dance starting Benin - Group Dance Dance ending
IMG_6574_Shappen IMG_6575 IMG_6577_Shappen IMG_6580_Shappen IMG_6582_Shappen IMG_6587_Shappen
India - Dual Dance Nigeria - Song Soloby Joshua Ojomo

IMG_6588 IMG_6589 IMG_6592 IMG_6593 IMG_6595 IMG_6598
Sigma Lambda Gamma - Dance Mistresses of Ceremony Saudi Arabia - Modern Dance
IMG_6601 IMG_6607 IMG_6610 IMG_6613 IMG_6614 IMG_6616
Audience in Motion Pan-African Student Organization - All Africa dance
IMG_6623_Adj IMG_6624_Shappen IMG_6626 IMG_6627 IMG_6628 IMG_6629
India - Solo by Niveditha Rajagopalan Mexico, Japan, China - Dance

The Dance Thur Time Program Braoder
IMG_6631 IMG_6634 IMG_6638 IMG_6646 IMG_6647 IMG_6648
one step in time
IMG_6651_Vert IMG_6653
IMG_6661 Every watch
until the end

The Fashion Show  Program Braoder
IMG_6662_Adj IMG_6666_Sharpan IMG_6667_Sharppen IMG_6670 IMG_6673 IMG_6674
IMG_6675 IMG_6678 IMG_6679_sharppen IMG_6682_Shappen IMG_6685 IMG_6686
 Last words by International Student Service Advisor & Director: Natalie Hatfield

Group Photos

IMG_6688 IMG_6689 IMG_6692 IMG_6693 IMG_6555 IMG_6556
All Performer on Stage I with students from Netherlands (after) and Saudi Arabia (During the show)

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"Learn from Yesterday. Live for Today. Hope for Tomorrow"

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