Burwell Weekend Trip 2012

Friday-Sunday, August 24-25th  – This weekend, I visited my college friend, Hugh
 Holmquist in Burwell, Nebraska. Friday, I viewed various courthouses, War Memorials
 & Murals in route with stop at the Chalk Mine. Saturday Hugh gave use a tour of town,
 Calamus Lake & Fort Hartsuff. Sunday after church, I return by the way of Columbus.
Trek to Burwell
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Lake Lake Wanahoo at Wahoo Train Station at Divid City Pork County Courthouse @ Osceola Mural Next to Central City Cornerstone Bank Veterans Memorial at the Howard County Courthouse
Happy Jack Chalk Mine North Loup River view from Happy Jack Peak Valley County Courthouse in Ord Hugh & Brenda Holmquist Holmquist Living Room
Bone Creek

Happy Jack
Chalk Mine

Evening Meal
Tour Burwell & Lakes
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One of Hugh's bike at the Warehouse Burnt Computer @ Hugh's Woods Dame @ Burwell City Park Steel Chutes @ Nebraska Big Rodeo Grounds Center of the turntable
Lunch @ Plaza Palace All 93 County License Plates Calamus River enroute ot Fish Hatchery Calamus Fish Hatchery History of the North Loup Project View from Littlefield Monument
Riverside park

NE Big Rodeo
RR Turntable

Fish Hatchery
Downtown Fort & Food
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Veteran’s Park in downtown Burrwell welcome to Burwell - "Cowboy Hangtime” Blacksmith & Carpenter Shops at Fort Hartsuff with UNL Freinds at  Country NeighborRestaurant Outside the HUB at night in downtown burwell Veteran’s Park
Fort Hartsuff.
Hub Ice Cream
Faith & Trek home
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Hugh's Family rock up-Close New Testament Adult Class at Burwell Baptist Church Worship at Burwell Baptist Church Lunch at Subway – Ipad Swim Trials photos Hugh with Burwell Family Practice, P.C
Church of God in Christ building Fullerton, Ne Conutry Mural UP 561 in Pawnee park, Columbus, Ne The Columbus Quincentenary Bellower Andrew Jackson Higgins Memorial
Baptist Church
Family Practice

Church of God

UP 561

Higgins Boat
Maps Omaha Burwell Map Coming  Map Calamus Reservoir Map from the Hartsuff State Historic Park brochure Ne & Burwell
Calamus Res.
Fort Hartsuff
Courthouses Sanuders County Courthouse Pork County Courthouse @ Osceola Merrick County courthouse @ Central City Howard County Courthouse @ St Paul Valley County Courthouse in Ord  Garfield County Courthouse @ Burwell Historical Place
Garfield County
War Memorials
  All but last two Memorials
  were at Courthouses .
Topedo War Memorial USS Wahoo Veterans Memorial @ Central City Howard County Veterans Memorial @ St pual  Burwell Veteran’s Park Bench Nance County Veterans Memorial  The Torpedo
Murals Early Central City, Nebraska Mural Batting 1000 Mural Coachman Corner Garage Murals  Fullerton, Ne Town Name Murals Country Mural Coachman's
Town Name

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