Faith & Trek home

Sunday August 26th, 2012 - Sunday after church & a tour of Hugh’s Clinic,
 Mike Bruening and I return home with stops at the Popcorn Days in North Loup
 and in Columbus at the Andrew Jackson Higgins National Memorial.
Welcome to Burwell - "Cowboy Hangtime” Trek to Burwell - Happy Jack Chalk Mine Omaha Burwell Map Coming

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Warship, Food & Heath Trek Home
New Testament Adult Class at Burwell Baptist Church
Adult Class
Worship at Burwell Baptist Church
Lunch at Subway – Ipad Swim Trials photos
Hugh with Burwell Family Practice, P.C
Hugh the Dr.
Church of God in Christ building
Church of God
Fullerton, Ne town name Murals
Name Mural
UP 561 in Pawnee park, Columbus, Ne
UP 561
The Columbus Quincentenary Bellower
Andrew Jackson Higgins Memorial
Higgins Boat

Faith & Food - in Burwell

Home & Family Rock

  Before breakfast, I took these photo of Hugh's Home and Family rock.

Hugh's Home
IMG_0712_Alt IMG_0713
Next to House
Rock & Home
IMG_0716 IMG_0717
Rock up-clse

Burwell Baptist Church

IMG_0719 IMG_0720_Alt IMG_0721_Alt IMG_0722_Alt IMG_0724_Alt IMG_0725_alt
The Church Hugh teach the New Testament Adult Class on David

IMG_0728 IMG_0729
Hugh & Lilly


IMG_0731 Left
 Barak (son)
 & Dwaine Birch

 Michele & Marty
Sara holding Adair

IMG_0733 IMG_0735 IMG_0737 After
IMG_0739 IMG_0741
Me & Hugh with
Worship – Raising Kids in Christ – Deuteronomy 6   Lilly & Hugh 6-3 Harry (Missionary to Japan)

Subway & Catfish Boat
  Across the highway from church, with Dwaine Birch family, we have lunch at Subway.  I had a personal Plaza. After lunch
  everyone took a good look at the "Catfish Safari" boat in the parking lot. It took part in Cat Fishing contest Saturday at Calamus Reservoir.

IMG_0744 IMG_0745 IMG_0746 IMG_0748 IMG_0750 IMG_0751
Paul & Stacy family
 With Hugh
Stephanie, Barak,
Dwaine Birch
View Olympic Swim
Trials photos
0n Ipad
Barak Birch standing next to
the "Catfish Safari" boat
Barak, Stephanie, Hugh,
 Mike, Brenda, Dwaine

Tour Burwell Family Practice, P.C - Hugh is the Owner & town Doctor
   His office had a poster from his 1980’s UNL, when his dorm room wall and ceiling were covered with poster of cockpit of every kind.


Nebraska Big Rodeo
Panorama - 1927

Small Town Poem
IMG_0761 IMG_0762 IMG_0765
Me, Hugh & Brenda
Hugh with sigh In Waiting Room "Op Room" Office with a poster from UNL days back at family rock

Trek Home - South on NE 11 to Scotle, West on NE 22 to Columbus, West on US. 30 to Fremont, On US 275 to Omaha.

North Loup, Ne
  At Popcorn Days, Mike Bruening and I had free popcorn, viewed Craft for sell indoor and street midway downtown. – No photos

Church of God in Christ – with Cemetery
  More then a few miles east of Scotle, Nebraska, this old church building catch my eye. A nearly competed new church is being built behind it

IMG_0767 IMG_0768 IMG_0770 IMG_0771 IMG_0772 IMG_0773 IMG_0775
North Loup River Mennonite Cedar hills congregation Cemetery & History view from Cemetery

Fullerton, Ne

IMG_0776 IMG_0778 IMG_0780 IMG_0783 IMG_0784 IMG_0787 IMG_0788
Nebraska 22 Downtow: Town Name & Country Murals Nance County Veterans Memorial ... .. entry

Columbus, Ne - Pawnee Park
   Park is on the south side, just north of the UP Mainline and on the west side of U.S 81. It is home of
   the UP 561 Steam Engine, Columbus Quincentenary Bellower and Andrew Jackson Higgins Memorial.

IMG_0791 IMG_0794 IMG_0792 IMG_0796 IMG_0795
US 81 overpass   the Park Entry and Town Sign UP 561 Stream Engine
  Some thumbnail are displayed out of order for better presentation.

The Columbus Quincentenary Belltower.
   It was built in 1992 to commemoration the 500th anniversary of Christopher Columbus’s
   Voyage to new world and to celebrate the history of Columbus, NE Community.

IMG_0798 IMG_0800 IMG_0801 IMG_0802 IMG_0804 IMG_0805
The Columbus Quincentenary Bellower Built in 1992

Andrew Jackson Higgins Memorial
  This Memorial honor Columbus Man, who his company manufactured LCVP (Landing Craft Vehicle, Personnel) or Higgins Boats
  used in War II D-Day Invasions (portray here) and in Korean and Vietnam conflicts. Mike and I viewed the Memorial near sunset.

IMG_0807 IMG_0809 IMG_0810 IMG_0812 IMG_0813 This steel
Replica is sets
in simulated
D-Day Landing
Historical Marker
& Memorial Plaque

On Andrew
Jackson Higgins
IMG_0814 IMG_0815 IMG_0816 IMG_0818
Statue of Andrew

After a late dinner at Rusza, we drove straight home in the dark

Burwell Weekend Trip 2012 - Faith & Trek home

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