2012 Late September to November Highlights

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Omaha Cake Decorating Display
Sept. 30th  - Decorated Cakes @ RCR
@ Omaha Children's Museum
Has 70 Pictures
Challenge Class Fabric Display at Douglas County Fair Big Green Combine
Japanese Word sign - Wall One of the Bonsai Tree on Display
Oct. 6th - Japanese Ambience
@ Lauritzen Gardens
Has 90 Pictures
Sadako Ballet Dance 2th dance One arragement in Ikebana Floral Displays A Japanese  Stone Lanterns in the Chrysanthemum Show
Popcorn  in the multi-purpose room
Oct 31st - Village One Fall Festival
@ Skinner Magnet Center Elementary School
Has 65 Pictures
She Play gamesin Gymnasium for candy More bowling in Gymnasium Loading game into the church Van
View from Grace University Omaha Skyline
Nov. 3rd  - Skyline & Great Lawn
Has 17 Pictures
Pedestrian Bridge  The Great Lawn
Great Lawn Skyline
Nov. 10th  - Clouds Over Skyline
Has 15 Pictures
Clouds Over Pedestrian Bridge Clouds Over Omaha Skline
- Holidays 2012 Begins with Friday after Thanksgiving Day -
taking photo of Singers
Nov 23rd - Tree Lighting Ceremony
@ Durham Museum
Has 26 Pictures
Ceremony Lite tree
Theater building - Seeing is Believing
Nov 26th - Miracle on Farnam
@ Midtown Crossing
Has 49 Pictures
Apartment Buliding Condominiums Tower - Kinect® with Joslyn
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