2012 May to September Highlights

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Pick up a Yard
May 6th - Village One Lawn Care Work Day
Village One mapHas 78 Pictures
Fireing Up the Grill Triming a Brush Villiage one freind at Cook Out 
Union Pacific #844 Steam Locomotive,
May 13th - UP 844 & Promontory Museum Car
  @ Golden Spike Park, Council Bluffs, Iowa
Has 38 Pictures
Union Pacific 150th Year Inside the Promontory Museum Car
Continental Breakfast Mulched tree rings west of the Family Life Center
May 19th - Spring Work Day 12
  @ Christ Church Church - Omaha, Nebraska
Has 90 Pictures
Children's Furniture in storeage Trailers Stephen Matychuk painting the crub Returning Trash Cans Paint Pan
Shaping a bug Awards Presentations
June 1-3rd - Sand in the City 2012
1st - Sculpting Competition - 101 photos
2nd - Team -145 & 3rd Pro Sculptures Display - 10
We Are going to need a Bigger bird! Sand Sculptures Display @ 1:30pm Skyline over professional team Display
June 21-Aug 2 - Worldfest: A Sister City Celebration
@ Omaha Children's Museum
Has 435 Pictures on 6 Pages
trek to Burwell - Happy Jack Chalk Mine Town of Burwell - Nebraska Big Rodeo Gates
Aug 24-26th - Burwell Week Trip 2012
Has 344 Pictures on 4 Pages
Calamus River enroute ot Fish Hatchery Welcome to Burwell - "Cowboy Hangtime” Trek Home - The Columbus Quincentenary Bellower
Snap bracelet for sale in the Atrium unload the Refrigerator
Sept 16th - Step Out into Village One 2012
Has 62 Pictures
Sept 23rd - DinoQuest2 @ Fontenelle Forest - haS 62 photos Bouncy House at Village One block Party
Dino Poster @ Nature Center Sordes
Sept. 30th, - DinoQuest2
  @ Fontenelle Forest
Has 62 Pictures
Placerias Daspletosaurus Dino Dig is in Acorn Acres
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