Holiday Poinsettia Show 2011

Thursday  December  15th, 2011 - This Afternoon, my family viewed the Holiday Poinsettia
 Show indoors at the Lauritzen Gardens Visitor & Education Center's Floral Hall. This railroad
 theme display has, four rail lines: Overhead Bridge, Downtown, Country Railroad Loops, and the
 City Trolley Line.
There were displays of Wraths on the columns in the Sitting area
Downtown Omaha Look City Trolley Line Country Railroad Loop

Note: the  buildings in this show are from the Model Railroad Garden.

- We spend a few minute in sitting area between the Floral Hall & Gift Shop.

IMG_5370 IMG_5371 IMG_5373 IMG_5376 IMG_5456 Display of Wraths on sitting area Column
The story of the Poinsettia Left/east of the Entrance Sleigh & packages Column Wraths
 The sleigh photo were taken just Wraths series. 

Overhead Bridge Railroad Loop
  An interurban passenger car travels the Bridge Line Loop in front of the Poinsettia Tree above the walkways
  and Downtown Omaha buildings form the Model Railroad Garden. The Downtown Loop circles the building below.

West walkway
IMG_5379 IMG_5384
Downtown buildings
East walkway
Desert Dome
Railraod Garden Booklet railroad Garden Building Info
Railroad Garden
& building Info
 Some thumbnail are displayed out of order for better presentation

Downtown Railroad Loop
  Union Pacific Heritage Passenger Fleet runs counter-clockwise around Downtown Omaha
  & Zoo buildings in the Southwest area of the Floral Hall. The Bridge Line Loop is above.

IMG_5385 IMG_5383 IMG_5384 IMG_5388 IMG_5389
Omaha in Miniature Downtown Omaha Skyscrapers Holiday Express  
IMG_5386 IMG_5392 IMG_5395 IMG_5397 IMG_5401
Central High School Omaha Zoo Desert Dome The Rose Theater
IMG_5403 IMG_5404 Union Station
Durham Museum 
IMG_5405 IMG_5407
 Sign thumbnail are displayed slightly out of order for better presentation

City Trolley Line
  A heritage trolley shuttles between the Train Depot #1 & the over end of the line, passing
  various historical downtown and Old Market buildings - in the Northwest area of the Floral Hall.

IMG_5411 IMG_5414 IMG_5413 IMG_5415 IMG_5417 IMG_5423
Train Depot #2 The bridge to Town A.K. Riley
Row of Historical Downtown Buildings
From A.K. Riley to J.P. Cooke Building #2
Top: Trolley Line
Left: Poinsettia Tree

   Northeast corner of the Floral Hall has landmarks from Omaha near the River.

TLC at Home
IMG_5425 IMG_5427 IMG_5428 IMG_5431 IMG_5432
  Joslyn Castle Old Market Building St. CeciliaCathedral  The City Scape

Country Railroad Loop
   A freight train runs clockwise around this dog bone loop from an elevator to the water tower & Train Depot #1
  and back. The banner on this elevator are miniature of I-80 Stored Potential Display north of 36th and I-80.

IMG_5435 IMG_5443 IMG_5438 IMG_5445
Visitor and Education Center > Train Depot #1
IMG_5448 IMG_5449 IMG_5450 Above:
  View from
  Floral Hall....

  and the passage,
  next to great Hall

  The wraths in the sitting area are on columns


Poinsettia on the
Gift shop Counter
  IMG_5460 IMG_5461 IMG_5462 IMG_5463 IMG_5464
  ... on gift shop side and ... ... Floral Hall side

Family, Poinsettia Tree, Etc

IMG_5409 IMG_5418 IMG_5476 IMG_5477 IMG_5479 IMG_5482
My Family the Poinsettia Tree Bird of Paradise  My Family Resting

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Holiday Poinsettia Show 2011

Based on Gallery by MINO STUDIO

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