Union Pacific Home Plate 2011

Union Pacific Home Plate Logo from entrance sign Saturday June 25th, 2011 - Late afternoon, Jose Patino and
 I visited  the Union Pacific Home Plate  track, just north of
 the TD Ameritrade Park, Downtown Omaha. Two Locomotive
 & Heritage Fleet are displayed during the CWS, June 17-28/20
GE C45/EVO Locomotive "Touch-up" on the 844


UP_Home_Plate_01 It rained 2+ inches
night before and
floods the
of 13th & Izard*
UP_Home_Plate_02 UP_Home_Plate_03 UP_Home_Plate_04
Heritage fleet from Cumming Street... & reflection Next to Entrance The U.P. #844
   *Note: The storm Outlet to Missouri River is closed due to the Great Flood of 2011.

View the Union Pacific #844 Steam Locomotive,

UP_Home_Plate_05 UP_Home_Plate_06 UP_Home_Plate_07 UP_Home_Plate_08 UP_Home_Plate_09
Drive Wheels close-up
UP_Home_Plate_10 UP_Home_Plate_11 UP_Home_Plate_12 UP_Home_Plate_13 UP_Home_Plate_14
Heritage fleet Controls in Cab View of the wheels from above

Walked pass the GE C45/EVO Locomotive to the Heritage Fleet and back.

UP_Home_Plate_15 UP_Home_Plate_16 GE C45/EVO

UP_Home_Plate_17 UP_Home_Plate_18
UP_Home_Plate_19 UP_Home_Plate_20 UP_Home_Plate_21 Heritage Fleet
Not open to Public

844 tender


Another look a the  UP #844 & Tender Wheels

UP_Home_Plate_23 UP_Home_Plate_24 UP_Home_Plate_25 UP_Home_Plate_26 UP_Home_Plate_27
the Tender wheels "Touch-up" on the 844

Union Pacific Home Plate 2011

Based on Gallery by MINO STUDIO

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