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WorldFest Logo Thursday nights from Jun. 30 to Aug. 4th, The Omaha Childen's
Museum, is celebrating the culture of Omaha's Six Sister Cites.
Each week, the
Worldfest: A Sister City Celebration!
have  food, activities, culture performances from difference city.
June 30th
Shizouka, Japan
Has 69 photos +'s
Worldfest Postport Activities - Calligraphy Costume Dress up - Kimomos March 11 Earthquake & Tsunami display Kokyo Taiko Drummers More Kokyo Taiko Drummers  
  July 7th
Yantai, China
Has 74+ photos +'s
Omaha Mayor Jim Suttle & Steve Adams Food & Activities - Calligraphy Chinese Photos & City Photos Culture Performance Program - Sword action Culture Performance Program - Group Damce The Dynasty Fashion Show  
July 14th
Siauliai, Lithuania
Has 69 photos +'s
Worldfest Postport Lithuanian Match Games Playing the Kanklės Dresing like a Princess Ethical Displays Lithuanian Words  
July 21st
Xalapa, Mexico
Has 52 photos +'s
Ethical Displays - before the event begins Making Flowers Lotería - a bingo type word-picture association game. Lot  of Mexican Snack & Fruits Pressing Tortillas shells Swing at Piñatas  
  July 28th
Naas, Ireland
Has 59 photos +'s
Irish Dancing by Craoi na Tire Coloring a Fairy Nass ireland on Tour Ireland Floor Game Game of Hurling tasting Irish stew Irish Music - played on Guitar, Violin and an Accordion  
August 4th
Braunschweig, Germany
Has 60 photos +'s
Culture Exchange Photos Map of Germany - Berlin – Brandenburger Tor Puzzle - Map of Germany Story Time - Read Little Red Riding Hood Murals Portraits Soccer Goal  

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