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WorldFest Passpart Stamp Thursday  August 4th, 2011 - Every Thursday night from
Jun. 30 to tonight Omaha Children's Museum, is celebrating
the Culture of Omaha's Six  Sister Cites. Tonight the Worldfest:
A Sister City Celebration!
focus on Braunschweig, Germany
Map of Germany - Berlin – Brandenburger Tor Puzzle - Map of Germany Story Time - Read Little Red Riding Hood Murals Portraits Soccer Goal

Come in! - For tonight's culture experience.

A01_Come_in A03_Come_in

Culture Exchange
A12_Come_in A16_Come_in A19_Come_in


Photos Display
We are Here! Get you Passport here   My Passport

Map of Germany - Last 4 photos has text from Map bubble

K1_Map K2_Map
Omaha Sister City
At right
Brandenburger Tor
Füssen Schloss

Activities began with coloring German Fairy tales Scenes….

B01_Coloring B02_Coloring B03_Coloring B06_Coloring B07_Coloring B08_Coloring

With German theme Puzzles and German Scenes Memory Match Game

C01_Puzzles_Game C02_Puzzles_Game C03_Puzzles_Game C04_Puzzles_Game C05_Puzzles_Game
Map of Germany  48 piece  Im Marchenwald Puzzle German Scenes

Story Time in the theater – Reading Little Red Riding Hood
  Was followed by a Puppet performance on DVD - no photos

D01_Storytime D02_Storytime D03_Storytime D05_Storytime D09_Storytime D12_Storytime D15_Storytime
Sue takes photo ... of lady reading Little Red Riding Hood to the Audience. The Puppet

Tasting a German Treats, building a Castle, Buy a Item with Euros

E1_Snack E2_Snack E3_Snack F_Castle_Building G1_Shop G2_Shop
Nutella Spread & gummy bear open face sandwiches Castle building The Store

Off to Grandmother’s House we go - Deliver the goodies through the woods with R/C car.

H01_To_Grandmothers H02_To_Grandmothers H03_To_Grandmothers H05_To_Grandmothers H06_To_Grandmothers_III H07_To_Grandmothers_III
There is forest between the city & castle murals   Making a delivery

Murals Portraits
    Children love to have their picture taken in front of the Mural wearing the German Hat – Even adults

I02_Murals I03_Murals
The City
I06_Murals I11_Murals.jpg
the Castle
I15_Murals I16_Murals_Alt

Try a Sport – Either make a Soccer Goal or throw ball Bowling

J1_Sport_1 J1_Sport_III J2_Sport J3_Sport J7_Sport J7_Sport_I J9_Sport
Making the Goal Knocking down the pens

Omaha Children's Museum - Worldfest 2011: Braunschweig, Germany

Based on Gallery by MINO STUDIO

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