Tropical Paradise Spring Flower Show

Saturday March 26th, 2011 -  late this afternoon, I photographed
  the beautiful tropical jungle arrangement of Spring Flower Show
  in Lauritzen Gardens' Visitor Center Floral Hall. It includes a pond
  with waterfalls & tropics fruits. The show runs thru Sunday, May 8th.
Ferns - the Spring Flower Show North The Jungle Pond - Spring Flower Show North Grapefruit  One of the Tropics Fruits

Spring Flower Show South - The west path to the mid-garden Arbor and its Orchids display.
   On the way out, I took east path, passing a orange and grape fruit Tree - Tropics Fruits are at the end of page.

IMG_0749 IMG_0750 IMG_0751_Alt IMG_0754 IMG_0756_Alt
IMG_0757 IMG_0759 IMG_0762_Alt IMG_0760 IMG_0764
Bromeliad   Orchids info
IMG_0765 IMG_0766 IMG_0768 IMG_0769 IMG_0770
Orchids on/around the mid-garden Arbor   The Arbor

Spring Flower Show North
 The Tropical Flower display and back of garden Pond beyond the Arbor.

IMG_0772 IMG_0775 IMG_0776 IMG_0777_Alt IMG_0778
  The Arbor   The path South Biodiversity Hotspot
IMG_0779 IMG_0780 IMG_0781 IMG_0783 IMG_0784
  The Pond View  
IMG_0785 IMG_0787 IMG_0789 IMG_0790 IMG_0791
Ferns Info
IMG_0793 IMG_0794 IMG_0795 IMG_0798 IMG_0799
Ferns collection Pond Waterfalls Pond & Arbor
IMG_0801 IMG_0802 IMG_0803 IMG_0804 IMG_0807
Cordyline   The Prayer Plants
IMG_0808 IMG_0810 IMG_0813 IMG_0819 IMG_0818_Alt
More Prayer Plants   The Prayer Plants

Jungle Pond

IMG_0781 IMG_0789 IMG_0787 IMG_0795 IMG_0798 IMG_0799
The back of Garden (North) Jungle Pond views ... with Path & Arbor
  These photo also display in Spring Flower Show North section

Tropics Fruits & More
  The Pineapple plants at head of the Jungle Pond, Orange & Grapefruit Tree are in the south Spring flower garden.

IMG_0820_Alt IMG_0828 IMG_0822 IMG_0826 IMG_0827
Epiphytes Info The Orange Tree - on east path out.
IMG_0814 IMG_0831 IMG_0832 IMG_0834 IMG_0835
Pineapple The Grapefruit Tree - next to ...   The fish pond
Some thumbnail are displayed out of order for better presentation.

Tropical Jungle Paradise Spring Flower Show

Based on Gallery by MINO STUDIO

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