2011 April to June Highlights

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First half - Michael W. Smith on Stage
Apr 15th - Michael W. Smith Concert
 @ Lincoln Berean Church - Lincoln, Nebraska
Has 34 Pictures
The Intermission - Two CD Second Half - More live music
Before - Cross & Candle from the balcony
Apr 22nd - Good Friday Service 2010
 @ Christ Church Church- Omaha, Nebraska
Has 39 Pictures
"back lite" >Candle during the sevice The Communion
The North Feild
May 1st - Midwest Winds Spring Festival 
@  La Vista Sport Complex
Has 52 Pictures
Airplane kit over the South Field Octopus swiming over the North Firld
Bridge at Dusk
May 7th - Pedestrian Bridge @ Night 11'
Has 44 Pictures Bridge from Omaha Landing at Night.
side lights on bridge Bridge Railing lite up
Cleaning the head in church Kitchen Painting the 'Wall" behine home plate
May 14th - Spring Work Day 11'
  @ Christ Church Church - Omaha, Nebraska
Has 65 Pictures
Washing doosr at Church Building Chair straighten at Student Center Mulch of the Student Center 
Koutiala Hospital & Bethal Bible College Display Mark Ashton Sermon
May 22nd - Mali Hospital 5th Anniversary
  @ Christ Church Church - Omaha, Nebraska
Has 27 Pictures
Paper towel, Toilet Paper & cereal pile Q & A @ Student Center
Salute to Labor Sculpture base Underwater To Iowa - Omaha Spiral Landing
May 28th - High Water @ Pedestrian Bridge
Has 45 Pictures
On the Iowa Side Levee - The Omaha Skyline @ Iowa riverbank, Looking toward Nebraaka
Kitwit Machine ingraving Select Team Photos
June 3-4th - Sand in the City 2011
3rd - Sculpting Competition - 99 photos
4th - Sculptures Display - Has 118 Photos
Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe.. Bill Rose curved Engine of The circus Train Sand Sculptures Display
Wide Missouri River
June 15th - High Water II @ Pedestrian Bridge
Has 35 Pictures
Island of Tree at Right The Bridge over wide waters
 Union Pacific #844 Drive wheels
June 25th - Union Pacific Home Plate 2011
  @ Just North of TD Ameritrade Park, Downtown Omaha
Has 27 Pictures
GE C45/EVO Locomotive "Touch-up" on the 844
Some Quilts
June 30th- Ralston Independence City Quilt Show
@  Baright Public Library, Ralston Nebraska
Has 37 Pictures
Drapped Quilt Quiilt display on Wall
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