Tree Lighting & Holiday Lights 2010

Friday, November 26, 2010 - Before the mid-eyeing stroll thru Gene Leahy
  Mallís Holiday Lights. Jose Patino & I enjoyed the Tree Lighting Ceremony
  at the Durham Museum. This event kicks off the 2010 Christmas at Union
"Christmas at Union Station 2010" Program To Gene Leahy Mall's Holidays Lights

Tree Lighting Ceremony @ Durham Museum
  There were many holidaysí activities for family at the Durham Museum. After viewing the Disney
  "Night Before Christmas" cartoon in the Truhlsen Lecture Hall downstairs, we heard a few Frank
   Sinatra styled Christmas songs by Vocalist Michael Lyon before the Tree lighting Ceremony.

PB261415 PB261416 PB261417 PB261421 PB261422
The "unlit" tree ... .... in darken Lobby,
  PB261423 PB261427 PB261429 PB261431  
  .... than the tree brighten the room before the light comes on. First of the 2010 Trees

Gene Leahy Mall's Holidays Lights
  After the Tree lighting Ceremony, we enjoyed a night stroll along the Gene Leahy Mall Stream,
  between 10th & 13th viewing the Holiday Lights - an Holiday Lights Festival event thru Jan 9th

PB261432 PB261433 PB261435 PB261436 PB261437
The Woodman and First National Tower are in all photos expect one  - it show top of FN Tower.

Previous Year's Christmas at Union Station

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Tree lighting Ceremony - darken Station Lobby Union Station at Dusk "Pierson Family" Flag over the Heartland Harmonizers Barbershop Chorus Approaching  the Museum at Dusk Tree lighting Ceremony - darken Station Lobby

Tree Lighting & Holiday Lights 2010

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