"A Season of Memories" Omaha

Saturday November 27, 2010 - I viewed the Gingerbread display A Season
 of Memories
at the at the Mormon Trail Center in Florence, Nebraska.
 It is on the site of Historical winter Quarter in Florence - NE. Omaha
  One of Many Christmas Tree
This year I didn't view the Council Bluff, Iowa display at Kanesville Tabernacle

Info_Handout PB271438_Alt PB271439_Alt Three of the Christmas Tree PB271441
The Flyer Sign on State Street Welcoming Bears

Gingerbread "Home" Display - East side of Room.

PB271443_Adj PB271444_Adj PB271445_Adj PB271447 PB271453-Alt
The Three Trees Basketball game
PB271451_Alt PB271449_Alt PB271454_Alt PB271456_Alt PB271461_alt
Holiday Tapes Wintertime Home .. & Church
PB271463_Alt_Shappen PB271464_Alt PB271465_Atl PB271466_Alt PB271467_Alt
Christmas Pigment at Church
PB271469 PB271471_Adj PB271472_Adj PB271473_Adj PB271474_Adj
  Butterfly Nativity Scene Train passing a village
PB271475_Adj PB271476_Adj PB271477_Adj PB271479 PB271515_Adj
Remember Faith & Freedom   Enroute to Holiday Vacation 
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More Gingerbread "Home" Display - West side of Room

PB271481 PB271483 PB271484 PB271485 PB271486
Bethlehem Village Around the temple ...
PB271487 PB271489 PB271490_Adj PB271491_Adj PB271492_Adj
... Homes & behind Memories from past make the Present!!
PB271493 PB271494_Adj PB271495_Adj PB271498_Adj PB271499
Gingerbread People   Pushcarts Little Sioux 2010
PB271500_Adj PB271501_Adj PB271502_Adl PB271504_Adj PB271505_Adj
  Candy Trains, a family Tradition Quilt of Memories
PB271507_Adj PB271508_Adj PB271511_Shaped PB271512_Adj PB271513_Adj
Over the River... Holidays Villages 
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Previous Years Mormon Trail Center's Displays 2004 II 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009

Christmas Trees
  Similar to previous years, the trees were displayed on room edge, clockwise from the South Door.

Tree_01 Tree_02 Tree_03 Tree_04 Tree_05 Tree_06j
Right of Door NE Corner Tree by N Hall NE Corner SE Corner Left of Door

These are some of the 2010 Christmas Trees  Mormon Trail Center's 05, 06, 07, 08 & 09 trees

"A Season of Memories" Omaha Gingerbread Display 2010

Based on Gallery by MINO STUDIO

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