Christmas Trees 2010

Friday, November 27th - Tree Lighting & Holiday Lights 2010 - 5 0f 9 Trees photos (14 Total)
the Unlit Tree
PB261416 PB261421 PB261429 PB261431
The Lit Tree

Saturday December 28th - "A Season of Memories" Omaha - 5 0f 6 Tree photos (60 Total)
Tree_01 Tree_02 Tree_03 Tree_04 Tree_06j
  ~Eight Christmas Trees,
each with a different
theme, surround the
Gingerbread display titled
 "A Season of Memories"
 at the Mormon Trail Center
 in Florence (NE. Omaha)

Friday December 3rd - Ethnic Holiday Festival 2010 - 5 of 27 Trees photos (42 Total)
  Flag Ceremony &
PC030040 PC030079 PC030085
Main Lever Ethnic dances in front of tree

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Bedstemor's House Tree Christmas in Garmany - North Hall 06
 Christmas Trees from around the World Angel at Kanesville Tabernacle 07
Strategic Air & Space Museum Winter Wonderland @ Kanesville Tabernacle 08
Stylized Tree next to stair in Chsit Communty Church Atrium Christmas Around the World tree 09
Lite after the Tree lighting Ceremony - Tree Decoration Wildlife Tree @ Holiday Poinsettia Show 2009

Christmas Trees 2010

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