Sand In the City 2010 - Sculpting Competition

Sand in the City website Friday June 4th, 2010 - This afternoon, the day before Public
 Display, I photographed Sand in the City's Sand Sculpting
 Competition. The 12-team competition begins at 11am and
 ends at 5pm with Judging and awards presentations.
Local Corporate Teams Icon Sand Sculptor t-shirt  1st,2th, 3rd place awards Sand Sculptures Display

Sand Sculpting 2-5pm
  Using various tools and plans provided by each team architect, the 12 local corporate teams and a professional sculpture team
  curved 16+ Sand Sculptures out of 350 ton of Sand. Each team’s corporate paid an entry fee and it is s paid team building exercise.

P6040707 P6040708 P6040714 P6040715 P6040716 P6040717
P6040718 P6040720 P6040723 P6040724 P6040731 P6040732
P6040735 P6040736 P6040738 P6040740 P6040741 P6040747
P6040750 P6040757 P6040760 P6040761 P6040763 P6040765
P6040768 P6040770 P6040778 P6040790 P6040794 P6040795
P6040796 P6040800
Team T-Shirt
P6040804 P6040806 P6040812
P6040813 P6040816 P6040820 P6040821 P6040823 P6040824
P6040830 P6040831
Saving Plans
P6040840 P6040841 P6040847
P6040851 Nearly everyone
 is  working until
the last minute
including shaping
sand Rail Lines.
P6040854 P6040857
 the First
& Third

Tomorrow - Public Sand Sculptures Display & Voting
    I photographed the finished team Sand Sculptures the following afternoon.

Savings Story
Savings Story
Make a Splash Read!
Make a Splash Read!
Sliding into Rosenblatt
Sliding into the blatt
Jazzin’ Up Midtown
Jazzin’ Up Midtown
Suess in the Sand
Suess in the Sand
Family Movie Night
Family Movie Night
Blimey! Ye kraken Be Attack
Blimey! Ye kraken
 Be Attack
Changing Lanes, Changing Lives
Changing Lanes,
Changing Lives
Helping Hands
Helping Hands
Splish, Splash, Splosh
Splish, Splash,
Mama Said There’d be Days Like This
Mama Said There’d
be Days Like This

Sand In the City Omaha 2010 - Sculpting Competition

Based on Gallery by MINO STUDIO

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