Roddy Chong @ Christ Community

Sunday, September 5th, 2010 - The violinist, Roddy Chong, preformed and gave
  an inspirational message at 9:00am and 10:45amservice at Christ Community
  Church.  Afterward, a Q&A session was held with Roddy at the Gathering.
  He ended the Gathering with playing several variations of a songon the violin.
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Roddy Chong is an accomplished violinist and actor, has performed with the Trans-Siberian orchestra,
Celine Dion, Shania Twain, Jars of Clay, Twila Paris and more.

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10:45 Service Worship 10:45 Service Inspirational Message Roddy Chong performing to a video Omaha Mayor Jim Suttle & Roddy Chong Robert Murphy interviews Roddy Chong Variations of a song Afterward - Trans-Siberian orchestra Video
  10:54 pm Service with His message ...   ... & at the Gathering, ends with CD signing.

9:00am Service
   I arrived near the end of the 9:00am service.
P9050647 P9050648_Vert_Sharped P9050649 The crowd
Leaving the
 Worship Center
P9050652 P9050653
The stage between Services
Poster at the Gym Door
No Across Service today

10:45am Service


Worship begins
P9050669_Sharped P9050672
P9050674_Sharped P9050677
Everyone Songs ,,,
P9050682_Sharped P9050684_Alt_Sharped P9050687 P9050690 P9050691
P9050693 P9050696 P9050699_Sharped P9050700  
Roddy Chong & Mark Ashton handshake

Roddy's Inspirational Message - "More than we can image"
  This 30 minute message started with everyone stretching out their hands - Watch the Message

P9050704 P9050707 P9050710 P9050711 P9050714_Vert P9050716
  Read Ephesians 3:16-21 (NIV) Tell his life story – Tell how God use him skill

Video & Few more numbers.

P9050718  P9050720  P9050721
Roddy Chong perform to a video of "Him with a singer"
P9050727_Sharped P9050728

The Gathering

  Before - the 12:30pm Gathering in the student center, everyone buy and eat Lunch

P9050735 Roddy Chong meets and visits
 with Omaha Mayor Jim Suttle.

The mayor visits different
church each Sunday.
P9050736_Sharped P9050737_Shaped  

Interview with Q&A
   Robert Murphy, the Art Director at Christ Community Church, Interviews Roddy Chong,
   follows by an audience question and answer session - Listen to the Interviews

P9050740 P9050741 P9050742 P9050743 P9050747
P9050749 P9050753 P9050756 P9050758 P9050759

Variations of a song
Gathering end with Roddy Chong playing several variations of a song on the violin,

P9050760 P9050763
Variations A
P9050765 P9050768
Variations B

  Roddy Chong signs his CD “The Violinist”, while the video
  of the Trans-Siberian orchestra plays in the background.

TSO Video behind
Steve, Roddy, ...
Signing CD's

Roddy Chong @ Christ Community Church

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