Lied Platte River Bridge & Benches

Saturday, October 23rd, 2010 - This afternoon, my friend, Mike Bruening,
  and I walked west across the Lied Platte River Bridge, Southwest of
  Omaha, followed the Rock Island Railroad path, crossing the BNSF
  Mainline, under Highway NE 66, and back. On the way home, we
  viewed some of the Sarpy Country Sesquicentennial Benches in Springfield.
To Casls County - River Overlook Rock Island Line -  Signal collection back to Sarpy County - Looking East 4-H Sesquicentennia bench @ Sarpy County Fairgrounds

South to Bridge
  We hiked the riverside crushed stone path from the parking lot, west of the Schramm Park State Recreation
  Area on Highway 31 to the east end of the Bridge, "Low end" cabins and river homes lines the path.

PA231060 PA231063 PA231065 PA231066 PA231069
Path to Bridge View of bridge from the riverfront path and ... ... and Info shelter

Bridge Information at east end,  the Sarpy Country side of the bridge.
  Each end of the bridge has an open-air shelter with benches, and two panels displaying the bridge
  project history, area maps and donor list.

PA231070 PA231070_Map_II PA231070_Map_III PA231071 PA231073
Left Panel Platte River Connection map Funding & Donor The Two Panels

West to Cass County - Over the Lied Platte River Bridge
  This converted Rock Island Railroad Bridge has many river overlooks.

PA231077 PA231078 PA231080 PA231082 PA231085
PA231086 PA231087 PA231090 PA231091 PA231094
PA231095 PA231096 PA231102 PA231103 PA231105

Rock Island Rail Line Path
  Heading west, we passed an railroad signal tower, crossed the riverside BNSF mainline, under Highway 66, next
  to Fountain Creek, before returning to the rail line path for a quarter mile. I saw an junction box on the way back.

PA231107 PA231109_Adj PA231110 PA231111_Adt PA231112 PA231113
 1930's railroad signal tower Under Highway 66 &  Fountain Creek Signal Line Junction Box

BNSF - is the Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway
Rock Island
- was in business from 1852 to 1980.

Back East to Sappy County - Over the Lied Platte River Bridge
  On the way back to the car, we saw several group of bicycles crossing the bridge.

West End
PA231118_Adj PA231119_Adj PA231123

PA231130_Alt Enhance
View from
the East
PA231132 PA231133  
Looking back at the Bridge

Sesquicentennial Benches in Springfield
   On the drive home from the Lied Platte River Bridge Hike, Mike Bruening and I stopped
   for a Hot Fudge Sundial at Springfield Drug, Springfield, Nebraska. Afterward ...

PA231136 PA231138 PA231140 We viewed the 2007
Sarpy Country Sesquicentennial
Plains to Planes Benches at:

  Springfield Drug
  Buffalo Park
  Sarpy County Fairgrounds
PA231137 PA231139 PA231141 Left to Right at Fairgrounds

  In Loving Memory of Pat Aus
  Tribute to Logan Fontenelle
  County Fair
New 07 in Bellevue 07 in Springfield Sesquicentennial =150th year  

Lied Platte River Bridge & Benches

Based on Gallery by MINO STUDIO

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