To Flyer RR Days 2010 @ Lauritzen Gardens To Lauritzen Gardens - Indoors

Rail Road Day Program June 17th, 2010 - After Seeing the UP 1020 locomotion at
 Durham Museum, Mike Bruening and I viewed the Passenger
 Travel Era Displays & Model Railroad Layout and heard the
 Union Pacific Railroad Chorale at the Lauritzen Gardens
Railroads Days "Cow catcher" Logo Passenger Train History Panels - Lauritzen Gardens Union Pacific No. 2010 @ Durham Museum

Passenger Train History Panels Great Hall - Model Railroad Union Pacific Railroad Chorale We did not visit Kenefick Park, next to 1-80,
 or walk in to the Model Road Garden

Floral Display Hall
  Passenger Travel Era Displays  - on loan from the Union Pacific Railroad Museum

Along the
West Side
P7171318 P7171319 P7171320 P7171321 P7171325
Railroad Artwork
  P7171328 P7171322 P7171323 P7171324
  Winged Streamliner China

Across the
North End
P7171340 P7171326 P7171330 P7171331 P7171332
  Passenger Train History Panels < Multnomah Falls

Along the
East Side

Next to the
Great Hall
P7171333 P7171334 P7171338 P7171339
  P7171336 P7171335 P7171337
Harriman Blue China

Great Hall - has Modular Model Railroad Displays - similar displays in 06. 07, 08 & 09

P7171350 P7171342 P7171343 P7171346 P7171347 P7171348
  N-Scale T-Trak
by Crankin Railroad
O-Gauge Model Railroad display
by Nebraska-Iowa Railroaders
Photo of Omaha
Unions in its hayday
Old Drilling

Rails Songs Indoor @ 2pm - Union Pacific Railroad Chorale - Floral Hall North end
   After watching history channel video on moving railroad items, include gardens’ Big Boy locomotion,
   we enjoyed the Union Pacific Railroad Chorale 2pm performance.

P7171351 P7171352 P7171353 P7171355 P7171356 P7171358
I have heard theirs performance Outdoor in 07 , 09, and indoor in 08 (no photos)

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Railroads Days
@ Lauritzen Gardens
UP Poster and Lithographs 06 Model Railraod Garden Grand Opening 07 Lower Railraod Garden Tunnel 08 Railroads Days 09  @ Lauritzen Gardens Indoors -=   O-gauge Module Model Railroad Display 09

Railroads Days 2009 @ Lauritzen Gardens - Outdoors

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