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Rail Road Day Program June 17th, 2010 - Before visiting Lauritzen Garden
 Visitors Center, Mike Bruening and I viewed the
 Model Railroad & Union Pacific No. 2010 locomotive
and tour the Lounge car at the Durham Museum
Railroads Days "Cow catcher" Logo Passenger Train History Panels - Lauritzen Gardens Union Pacific No. 2010 @ Durham Museum

Southern Pacific 2986 Lounge Car Union Pacific No. 2010 @ Union Station Union Pacific No. 2010 Q Street Barbershop Quartet There were many railroad related
 displays, activates and Crafts here.
Durham Museum

O-Scale Model Train Display
  the display enclose is similar to Small town Union Pacific Depot of the past. The layout represents
  Union Pacific's double track main line from Omaha to Ogden during the 1950s.

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P7171276 P7171278_Adj P7171279 P7171282 P7171283

Passengers Trains Cars - Lounge Car
  We walk thru the all the train cars Including the Southern Pacific 2986 Lounge Car photographed here.

P7171289 P7171290 P7171291 P7171292 P7171293
Some thumbnail are displayed out of order for better presentation.

Union Pacific No. 2010  PDF - Display east of the Museum
  The Boy Scouts Centennial Commemorative locomotive is 0ne of 14 special locomotive in U.P. History  

P7171294 P7171298 P7171299 P7171300
Boy Scout, UP ....
& Centennial Logo
100 Years of ...
P7171312 P7171313
From Inside..
... & Above

   Painted behind the cab of the locomotive. - Ten emblems, right to left, representing stages of Scouting.
   The 11th emblem at left is for 2010 National Scout Jamboree

P7171301_Sqr_Adj   P7171301_Hoizt_Adj P7171302_Hoiz_Adj P7171305_Hoiz_Adj    

Q Street Barbershop Quartet
  On the way, out, We heard a few songs by them
  Next to the Bekins Moving & Storage display

P7171315 P7171316X

Railroads Days
@ Durham Museum
6700 tamper back end 08 Union Pacific No. 844 - Durham Museum - Outdoor 09

Railroads Days 2009 @ Durham Museum - Outdoor

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